Photo: Highlands University Recruitment
New Mexico High School students join the Office of Student Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions staff at the HU Round Up Sept. 23.

Las Vegas, N.M. – High school students from across New Mexico visited Highlands University Sept. 23 for the HU Roundup to learn what the university has to offer.

The Zuni Pueblo was well represented along with students from Las Vegas, Silver City, Española and Farmington.

“This is the first time high school students from across the state visited Highlands in one day to learn about everything from academics to campus life,” said Joshua Grine, a Highlands recruiter who organized HU Round Up. “We even took the students to a Cowboy football game.”

President Sam Minner greeted the 24 high school students. Highlands student Steven Gonzales shared his story about how he found a home at the university.

The high school students learned about Highlands’ academic disciplines, support services, and recreation program. They also toured campus.

“A huge thank you goes out to Julia Geffroy, Native American Services coordinator, for giving the Zuni Pueblo students such a warm welcome and a wealth of information about Highlands,” Grine said.

The Office of Financial Aid awarded five book scholarships valued at $500 each through a raffle. Recipients included one Robertson High School student from Las Vegas and four Zuni High School students.

“This HU Roundup was a success and we plan to use this format again,” Grine said.

The Highlands Office of Student Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions sponsored HU Round Up in collaboration with the campus community.