Ice Cube to Perform at HU November 9


Ice Cube

Las Vegas, N.M – Multiplatinum rap music legend, actor and producer Ice Cube will perform in Highlands University’s Wilson Complex Nov. 9.

Tickets are on sale online at or at the university’s radio station, KEDP, Studio 103, at 901 University Ave.

“Whether you’re making music or you’re making a movie, you do whatever you have to to be great and make it memorable,” Ice Cube said. “Whether it’s cassettes, wax or digital downloads, VHS tapes, satellite TV or Netflix, people don’t care what format it’s in as long as the content is quality.”

Ice Cube first rose to fame in the late 1980s as one of the founding members of the hard-hitting rap group N.W.A., which released the album Straight Out of Compton in 1989. The group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

Ice Cube, who is known for his socio-political commentary, released his first solo album in 1990, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, followed by Death Certificate in 1991; The Predator in 1992; Lethal Injection in 1993;War and Peace Volume 1 in 1998; War and Peace Volume 2 in 2000; Laugh Now, Cry Later in 2006; Raw Footage in 2008; and I Am the West in 2010.

In September 2018, Ice Cube released the cover art for his upcoming album, Everythang’s Corrupt.

Ice Cube has won numerous awards during his career, including the Black Entertainment Television Hip-Hop Icon Award in 2009 and the Black Entertainment Television Award for Excellence in Entertainment in 2016.

Ice Cube said he has a simple formula: “If you stay positive, you can stay creative, and you can be happy. That’s my experience and that’s my message to the world.”

Ice Cube founded his production company, Cube Vision, in 1995. He has been part of films that have cumulatively grossed more than $1-billion at the box office.

Ice Cube made his film debut as Doughboy in the 1991 hit film Boyz n the Hood. Some other Ice Cube films include Friday in 1995; Next Friday in 2000; Are We There Yet in 2005; 21 Jump Street in 2012; Ride Along in 2014; and Along for the Ride in 2016.

The 2015 biography drama film about N.W.A. titled, Straight Out of Compton, grossed more than $200-million worldwide. Ice Cube’s son played the role of Ice Cube in Straight Out of Compton.

Straight Out of Compton helped the younger generation understand what we went through. For the older generation, it gave them a better understanding of why we made that hardcore music,” Ice Cube said.

Born  in 1969 in South Central Los Angeles, Ice Cube said he hasn’t forgotten his roots. “I keep the fire in me. You gotta be able to survive in whatever environment you find yourself in. The ‘hood means everything to me. You never know when you could wind up back there,” Ice Cube said in an interview with

Doors open at 6 p.m. for the concert with Ice Cube taking the stage at 8 p.m. The opening act for Ice Cube is Odie. The Nigerian-Canadian is a young emerging artist in the music world. His first release was Little Lies in 2018.

“We are very excited that Ice Cube will be performing at Highlands,” said Kimberly Blea, dean of students. “It’s a great opportunity for our students and the community to experience high quality entertainment. Ice Cube is the first rapper artist to perform at Highlands as part of our Arts @ HU series. His role in the development of rap music is iconic.”

Donna Martínez is the manager for Highlands’ Ilfeld Auditorium and KEDP radio station.

“We’re thrilled to have a stellar rap artist like Ice Cube who helped introduce rap to the world perform at Highlands,” Martínez said. “There’s already so much enthusiasm with students and the community for his show.”

Tickets for the pit area of Wilson Complex are $75; lower-level seating is $50; and upper-level seating is $45. Highlands University students with valid HU IDs are free. For more information, contact Martínez at 505-454-3238.