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Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

NSSE Administration, Spring 2022

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What is the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)? NSSE is a survey designed for students to provide information about their undergraduate experience, including their views about the quality of their education, and how they spend their time. Research has shown that when students are more engaged on campus, and with their peers and professors, they are more likely to be retained and graduate on time.  The NSSE Survey is intended to measure several student engagement indicators.

Who can participate? All freshman and senior students are being invited to complete the survey.

How do I complete the survey? Search your HU email account account for the keyword “NSSE” on or after February 12. If you are included in the survey sample, you will have received an email invitation from President Sam Minner containing a link to complete the survey online. Please also check your spam folder, just in case it has been filtered out of your inbox.

Prizes: All students who complete the survey by March 18, 2019 will be entered into a prize drawing for one of four $50 Amazon gift cards.

When is the survey happening? The survey administration period begins February 12, with the final invitation to participate going out March 18.

Why should I take part? Simply put, your participation makes a difference. It is a way for you to have a voice in your education, to let the university know what it is doing right, as well as identify areas that need improvement. By knowing how you spend your time and which educational methods you are experiencing, Highlands University can reflect on how to improve the overall student experience.

How long will it take? The online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Can I complete the survey on my phone? Yes! The NSSE survey is device-friendly.

If I have received an invitation am I obliged to complete the survey? Completion of the survey is entirely voluntary, and there will be no consequences for those who do not take part.

Will my responses be kept confidential? Yes, your responses will be kept confidential within the university, although they are not anonymous. Respondents’ background information is used for demographic reasons, and to help categorize and make sense of survey findings.

How can I find out more about NSSE and how past results have been used? You can check out the NSSE website. Also, you can view the links below (“NSSE results – prior surveys”) to see previous survey results for Highlands University.

What does the NSSE Questionnaire look like? You can check it out here soon.

NSSE results – 2019


NSSE results – prior surveys

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Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)

2016 Report:

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)