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As part of our commitment to institutional effectiveness and improvement, all academic and administrative units at Highlands University are required to submit a unit-level strategic plan which is aligned with institutional goals as outlined in Strategic Plan 2020. All units are also required to submit an annual report which details the extent to which the unit was able achieve the initiatives outlined in the strategic plan.

The unit strategic planning process is overseen by the Unit Strategic Planning Committee. A general guide for strategic planning activities is available to help units in the planning process.

The unit strategic plans and annual reports for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years are listed below. Also included where applicable are updated versions of the unit strategic plans for AY2018-19. (Units are not required to update their strategic plans on an annual basis, but are encouraged to review them annually and make updates as appropriate.) A summary of the AY2018-19 reports is provided in the link below:

Summary of Unit Strategic Planning Reports AY2018-19

Each academic and administrative unit was also invited to submit a list of improvement initiatives they had undertaken in the 2017-18 academic year. These improvement initiatives provide a summary of some key activities that have been developed at the unit level to drive institutional improvement. A summary of these initiatives can be found at the links below:

Academic improvement initiatives for AY2017-18
Administrative improvement initiatives for AY2017-18

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research maintains a set of department level dashboards to assist academic departments in the planning process. These dashboards can be accessed through the links below.

Fall 2019 Departmental Dashboard (UG)
Fall 2019 Departmental Dashboard (GR)

Administrative Units: Strategic Plans and Reports

Reporting Cycle AY2019-20

Department 17-18 Report Unit Plan 18-19 Report 19-20 Report
Academic Affairs – VPAA N/A Plan Report Report
Academic Support Report Plan Report Report
Admissions Report Plan Report Report
ARMAS N/A N/A N/A Report
Business Office N/A Plan N/A N/A
Campus Life Report N/A Report N/A
Campus Police Report N/A Report N/A
Career Services Report N/A Report Report
Center for Teaching Excellence N/A Plan Report Report
Central Receiving Report N/A Report N/A
Student Relations Coordinator Report Plan Report Report
Environmental Health and Safety Report N/A Report N/A
Facilities Report Plan Report Report
Farmington Center Report Plan Report Report
Financial Aid Report Plan Report Report
Golf Course Report N/A Report N/A
Graduate Studies Office N/A N/A Report Report
Housing & Student Conduct Report N/A Report Report
HU Cares N/A Plan Report Report
HUE N/A N/A N/A Report
Human Resources Report Plan Report N/A
Ilfeld Auditorium Report N/A N/A Report
Information Technology Services Report Plan Report N/A
International Student Office Report Plan Report Report
Library Report Plan Report Report
Metro Center N/A N/A N/A Report
Native American Center Report Plan Report Report
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Report Plan Report Report
Office of Research & Sponsored Projects N/A Plan Report Report
Online and Distance Learning N/A N/A N/A Report
Outdoor Recreation Office Report N/A Report Report
Purchasing Report N/A Report N/A
Registrar Report N/A Report N/A
Santa Fe Center Report N/A Report Report
Strategic Enrollment Management N/A Plan Report Report
University Relations Report Plan Report Report

Academic Departments: Strategic Plans and Reports

Reporting Cycle AY2019-20

Department 17-18 Report Unit Plan 18-19 Report 19-20 Report
Biology Report N/A Report Report
Business Administration Report N/A Report Report
Chemistry Report N/A Report Report
Computer Science Report N/A [see Math] Report
Counseling & Guidance N/A Plan Report Report
Curriculum & Instruction N/A Plan N/A Report
Educational Leadership N/A Plan Report Report
English Report N/A Report Report
Exercise and Sports Science Report N/A Report Report
History & Political Science Report Plan Report Report
Mathematics N/A N/A Report Report
Media Arts & Technology Report Plan Report Report
Natural Resources Management Report N/A Report Report
Nursing Report N/A Report Report
Visual & Performing Arts Report Plan Report Report
Physics Report Plan Report Report
Psychology Report Plan Report Report
Social Work Report Plan Report Report
Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice Report N/A Report Report
Teacher Education N/A Plan Report N/A