Minor in General Science For Elementary School Teachers (Grades K — 5)

Minor in General Science for Elementary School Teachers (Grades K – 5)

The purpose of the minor is to provide elementary school teachers in training with a strong background in a variety of concepts in life science, physical science, and earth and space science. Students should consult with an advisor early in their academic career to select the appropriate courses and avoid possible problems with prerequisites or scheduling. Not all of the 300- or 400- level classes are offered every semester or even every year. The objectives of the general science minor are to:

  • Provide pre-service elementary teachers with a program that will adequately prepare and encourage them to teach the most fundamental science concepts to students at the elementary school level.
  • Broaden the scope of science to elementary school teachers in training, so they will be well versed in all aspects of science allowing them to develop methods in which to relay the content material to their students so that the students can fully understand the concepts. This minor does not satisfy the Secondary School endorsement requirements (grades 7-12) for the State of New Mexico.