Minor in General Science For Elementary School Teachers (Grades K — 5) Requirements


Students should select at least one course at the 100 or 200 level from each of biology, chemistry, geology, physics and forestry. Each student should choose a specialty in one science and take two courses in this field that will enable them to take upper-division credits in this field. Combinations that would satisfy this requirement include: Biology 211 and 212; Chemistry 211, 215, 212, and 216; Geology 101 and 102; Forestry 105 and Biology 212. Please consult with an adviser early in the course of studies to make sure that prerequisite are met.

  • Biol 359: Fund of Lab Safety (1) or  Chem 359: Fund of Lab Safety (1)

Total Core: 20-27 credit hours

With the advice of a course/science adviser, select at least two courses from the specialty science. In addition, students must also choose at least two credit hours from the following:

• Selected Topics in (335/435) biology, chemistry, environmental geology, forestry or physics


• Independent Study in (390/490) biology, chemistry, geology, forestry, or physics


• Independent Research (399/499) in biology, chemistry, geology, forestry, or physics

To make a total of 10 additional required credits

Minor Total: 32-37 credit hours

Note: This minor does not satisfy the secondary school endorsement requirements (grades 7–12) for the State of New Mexico.