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Women’s Studies Minor Directory

Erika Derkas, Co-Director of Women’s studies

Social & Behavioral Sci

Co-Director for Associate Professor Sociology/Graduate Coordinator for Public Affairs-Applied Sociology

Phone: 505-454-3432

Room: HH-214

Kristie Ross, Co-director Women’s studies

History & Political Sci

Assistant Professor

Phone: 505-454-3212

Room: DH-243

Women’s Studies Faculty and Advisors


Kathy Jenkins, Center Director/Associate Dean of Education

Center Director/Associate Dean of Education

Phone: 505-891-6930

Room: RIO-129

Shilpashri Karbhari,

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Phone: 505-454-3547

Room: SC-247

Margaret Young, Business

School of Business

Professor, Marketing

Phone: 505-454-3522

Room: SH-237

Veronica Saunero-Ward, Spanish

Languages & Culture

Associate Professor

Phone: 505-454-3114

Room: DH-239S

Helen Blythe, English

English & Philosophy

Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in English

Phone: 505-454-3329

Room: DH-139

Elaine Rodriquez, Political Science

History & Political Sci

Visiting Professor of Political Science

Phone: 505-454-3214

Room: DH-248

Gloria Gadsden, Criminal Justice

Social & Behavioral Sci

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Phone: 505-454-3209

Room: SC-245

Chris Nelson, Education


Professor Special Ed.

Phone: 505-454-3352

Room: STEC-111