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COVID-19 information

Current International Students

Contact Information:

Student Center, Suite 311 or (+1) 505-454-3372

Office Hours:

Walk-in Appointments Hours:             Mon-Thurs 2-5pm

Scheduled Appointment Hours:                 M-W-F 10 am-12 pm

*All other appointments subject to office staff availability.

Service Provided:

SEVIS Registration and Enrollment Reporting

Process for SEVIS registration and Enrollment Reporting

significance of SEVIS Registration


F-1 Status and Status Maintenance

F-1 Duration of Status

Grace period

Maintaining F-1 Status

Actions taken at the end of a course of study

Terminating and F-1 SEVIS record


Full Course of Study Requirements and Exceptions


Exceptions to Full course of Study Requirements


F-1 Student Employment

F-1 Visa employment overview

On-Campus employment

Off Campus employment

Internships with an International Organization

Special Student relief for F-1 Students


F-1 Student Travel and reentry

Exiting the United States

Re-entry in F-1 Student visa status


F-2 Dependent

Eligibility for F-2 Statut

Procedures for F-2 Dependents

Restrictions for F-2 dependents on study and work

F-2 exiting and re-entering the United States

Change of visa status, extension of stay, and record termination