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Earn your Master's in Social Work!


The Facundo Valdez School of Social Work offers the Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) degree program at the main campus, Las Vegas, New Mexico and at the following five campus locations, as well as online:

NMHU School of Social Work at Albuquerque

NMHU Rio Rancho Center

NMHU Higher Education Center (HEC), Santa Fe, NM

NMHU at San Juan College (SJC), Farmington, NM

The Facundo Valdez School of Social Work has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since 1978 and has been accredited through 2028. The Facundo Valdez School of Social Work has been recognized by North Central Accreditation as an Academic School of Excellence.

Programs of Study
The M.S.W. program prepares students for advanced social work practice in an area of concentration with the knowledge, skills, values and ethical principles necessary to practice with Hispanic, American Indian, and other diverse populations of New Mexico and the Southwest. The three areas of concentration offered include: clinical practice; leadership and administration; and bilingual/bicultural clinical practice. The program prepares students at an advanced level to analyze and evaluate the role of the social work practitioner in the delivery of human services.

The school offers three types of programs to meet each student’s academic and personal needs. The three programs include: advanced standing; full time; and part time. Students MUST complete the M.S.W. program within five calendar years from the date of admission.

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Which M.S.W. Degree Program at NMHU is right for me?

Regular M.S.W. (2 year full-time or 3-year part-time):
This is our largest and most popular M.S.W. program; designed for all students with an undergraduate degree (any major) who want to pursue a future career in social work; students can register for courses at times that best fit their unique needs and busy schedules, with some choices in course delivery format (hybrid, in-person, synchronous Zoom, etc). You can choose among concentrations in clinical social work; bilingual/bicultural; leadership and administration; or leadership and administration with an M.B.A. This program option is designed to be completed in either 24 months (full-time) or 36 months (part-time). Admission is for fall semester.

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Online M.S.W.
 (2 year full-time or 3 year part-time):
A supportive, small-group online M.S.W. program, primarily designed for students who live in rural areas or in regions that lack access to one of our regular M.S.W. programs. Courses are taken in an arranged sequence with a small group of classmates who proceed through the program together. Students in this program attend one regularly-scheduled Zoom class session each week (Wed 7-9 p.m.), and then complete the remainder of their coursework 100% online. This program is designed to be completed in 24 months (full-time) or 36 months (part-time).

Advanced Standing M.S.W. (1 year):
An intensive, one-year M.S.W. program specifically designed for students who have earned a B.S.W. degree from a CSWE-accredited school. Students can register for courses at times that best fit their schedule, with some choices in course delivery format (hybrid, in-person, synchronous Zoom, etc). This program option can be completed in 9-12 months. Admission is for fall semester.

For a list of faculty and staff, click here.

Application Requirements

  • Narrative statement
  • Transcripts from all previously attended regionally accredited institutions (3.5 GPA or higher). GPA of 3.5 applies only to social work courses (non-cumulative GPA. Transcripts from NMHU are not required). Will consider those who do not meet the 3.5 GPA requirement.
  • 3 professional references
  • Client assessment
  • Resume inclusive of employment and volunteer experience
  • Application fee $50 or $35 for NMHU graduates (waived for Veterans and Active Duty Armed Forces).

Here’s some more information about graduate studies:

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Online program accepting applications for spring semester, 2022

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Social Work Graduate Requirements

Graduate requirements: Social Work

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty adviser within their area of study. The faculty adviser will help the student complete a program of study to satisfy the specific course requirements within their area, outlined in the Graduate Catalog.  The courses listed must satisfy the course requirements prescribed in the catalog of record. The academic adviser will provide guidance in completing your program of study.

Graduate catalog: Social Work

Graduate courses: Social Work