School of Education Accreditation Overview

Unit Assessment System

The unit assessment system (UAS) has been developed by the School of Education (SOE) to collect and analyze data relating to the knowledge and performance of its students and the performance of its alums and their employers. The unit operation is aimed at evaluating and improving the performance of the students, the unit and its programs. The SOE collates and analyzes data on student knowledge, skills and professional disposition through electronic assessment report.  A unit assessment committee is charged with taking the data and creating assessment plans from it, in order to improve those programs.  SOE reports summarizing the review and use of the data, as well as improvements made to the programs, are submitted annually to accreditation, accountability, and academic services in the office of the vice president for academic affairs. The UAS is ultimately intended to support the assessment requirements of: professional organizations such as Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the requirement of Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) for SOE accreditation, and Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for university accreditation.

Unit Assessment System Flow Chart (PDF): Click here

Unit Assessment Committee

The Assessment Team meets regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of its assessment system and discuss for program improvement.  The committee takes the responsibility for overseeing the system for data collection, analysis, and evaluation and for the future of the unit.  The team also reviews aggregated unit data and provides reviews to the Director for Accreditation and the Dean of the School.
The Assessment Team is formed with membership consisting of the Dean of School of Education, Director for Accreditation, Department Chairs from all five departments, Director for the Office of Field and Clinical Experiences and Undergraduate Admissions, and one representative faculty from each department.  The committee can recommend additional members to the Dean of School of Education.

Dr. Geri Glover, Department Chair for Counseling

Dr. Emily Williams, Department Chair for Special Education and Teacher Education

Dr. Patricia Cruz, Department Chair for Educational Leadership

Dr. Seonsook Park, Department Chair for Curriculum & Instruction

Stephen Weatherburn, Director for Office of Field and Clinical Experiences & Undergraduate Admissions