Master of Social Work

femalestudent_web441The School of Social Work master’s program at New Mexico Highlands University offers students the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of program concentration. The school offers three areas of program specialization: clinical practice, leadership & administration and bilingual/bicultural (Spanish/English) clinical practice.

Our school is the only school in the country offering a program concentration in bilingual/bicultural clinical practice. This concentration focuses on developing Spanish-speaking skills and cultural awareness among social work students to effectively work with Hispanic populations of New Mexico and the Southwest.

In addition, the school offers the following academic opportunities:

Dual Degrees Program: MSW/MBA

The MSW/MBA dual degrees program affords students the opportunity to pursue both degrees concurrently. This program is open to any MSW student applying for admission to attend the two-year MSW program and is seeking admission to either the main campus or the Rio Rancho campus where this program is offered. Students can complete both MSW and MBA degrees in seven consecutive full-time semesters. A combined total of 73 credit units are required for completion of both degrees.

Advanced Standing (one year program)

Applicants in the MSW program who have completed their BSW degree within five years of admission from an accredited school of social work are eligible to apply for admission into the Advanced Standing Program. Advanced Standing is offered at the Las Vegas campus and in Albuquerque only and the students MUST attend on a full-time basis. The program is completed in two academic semesters.

The MSW program is offered at the following five locations:

The curriculum/course offerings at all of the program locations afford students the opportunity to attend on a full-time or part-time basis.