NASA Scientist Talks February 15 About International Space Station


NASA Courtesy Photo
Marit Meyer

Las Vegas, N.M. – A free public lecture at Highlands University Feb. 15 features a NASA scientist who will shed light on the indoor air quality environment of the International Space Station.

Marit Meyer, a NASA Glenn Research Center scientist, will talk at 5 p.m. at Sininger Hall, Room 100, 904 University Ave. Sininger is in the university’s Central Park opposite Donnelly Library.

“The International Space Station has been the test bed for living and working in space and is a proving ground for life support technology for long-term missions,” Meyer said. “Smoke does not rise and dust not settle in low gravity the way they do on earth, causing particles to behave differently and pose unique hazards for crew members.”

Meyer said a recent aerosol sampling experiment at the International Space Station will be used to design and engineer air quality monitors for the spacecraft’s cabin environment, which is especially important for long-term missions.

The Highlands University chapter of Sigma Xi, an honorary research society, is sponsoring Meyer’s lecture. Light refreshments will be served.

“It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to hear firsthand from a NASA scientist about their research,” said Maureen Romine, biology professor and Sigma Xi president at Highlands. “I think this topic will be of interest to many people.”