SOKKIA Total Station (4) Electronic/optical surveying instrument. Determines coordinates of an unknown point relative to a known coordinate; measures angles and distances of survey points.
Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver Centimeter-accuracy GNSS receiver.
Trimble TDC-600 Mapping grade GNSS field data collector. Controller for precision GNSS equipment. Androis operating system.
Trimble GeoExplorer XT GNSS field data collector. Enables digital mapping and improves field productivity. Provides sub-meter accuracy, high quality photo capture, wireless Internet, and connectivity options.
Juniper Systems Cedar CT2X Tablets Sub-meter GNSS field data collectors. Android operating system.
Juniper Systems Geode GNSS Receiver Sub-meter GNSS receiver compatible with Android and iOS tablets.
Garmin GPS 60 and 62 series GPS Field-mapping grade GPS receivers useful for most environmental data collection applications.
GeoSLAM Zeb Horizon Lidar scanner High resolution hand-held lidar scanner for detailed terrain and infrastructure mapping.
Wingtra Drone High endurance fixed wing VTOL drone with cameras for terrain mapping and vegetation analysis.
DJI Mavic 3 Drone Quadcopter drone for mapping of small areas.
ESRI Enterprise Agreement Basic and advanced GIS data creation, management, and analysis software and online services. Full suite of extensions.
Harris L3 ENVI Remote Sensing data processing and analysis.
Trimble Terrasynch and Pathfinder Global Positioning System data collection and processing.
Trimble eCognition Object-Oriented Image Classification.
QT Modeler LiDAR and Terrain Visualization.
Pix4D Drone mapping and photogrammetry software.