Graduate Certificate Geographic Information Systems Course Description

Undergraduate Prerequisite:
GEOL 101
FOR 105
POLS 151
ANTH 102

Required Courses (16 credit hours):
FOR 512 Surveying & Geographic Info System (4)
GEOL 518 Advanced GIS (4)
GEOL 515 Remote Sensing (4)
GEOL 594 Capstone Seminar (4)
Certificate Total: 16 credit hours

Graduate students are not required to take the 100 level class (e.g., GEOL101 or FOR105 or POLS151 or ANTH102) as long as they have completed a similar course during their bachelor degree program.  If a deficiency exists, the student is required to take an upper division class as a substitution as agreed upon with their faculty advisor and outlined in their program of study. Graduate students wishing to pursue the GIS Certificate Program are required to complete additional requirements within each required course as outlined in each course syllabus.  Graduate students are required to take a three credit GEOL 594 Capstone independent research project.