photo of Jennifer Lindline

Jennifer Lindline

Jennifer Lindline Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Lindline is a broadly trained mineralogist-petrologist.  She applies mineral and rock analyses to an array of studies.  She and her students are pursuing a number of petrologic, structural, and geochronologic studies that are aimed at understanding the tectonomagmatic evolution of the Hermit’s Peak batholith, a Proterozoic plutonic-metamorphic complex located within the Yavapai-Mazatzal transition zone.  At over a kilometer of vertical exposure, the Hermit’s Peak batholith provides an exceptional view of the Proterozoic middle crustal infrastructure and insight into the processes of initial stabilization of continental lithosphere. They are also studying Cenozoic volcanism of Northern New Mexico and are working on several projects that are aimed at understanding source regions, magma emplacement mechanisms, and volcanic system evolution in fields of the north-central Rio Grande rift.  Lindline is also applying mineralogy to a paleo-lake study in the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, adobe characterization and geologic sourcing at Fort Union National Monument, and others.