Original Music Concert April 28 in the Student Center

Las Vegas, N.M. – The Highlands University Department of Music presents its Original Music Concert April 28 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom, 800 National Ave.

The concert features original works written and produced by Highlands University music students, many of whom are in the Music Technology Program. The musical styles include a wide range such as pop, bluegrass, rock, metal, hip-hop, blues, gospel, country, and alternative electro.

Music professor Edward Harrington directs the Music Technology Program and will direct the concert.

“The creativity of the students never ceases to amaze me. They are so innovative and expressive with their compositions,” Harrington said. “The Original Music Concert is an opportunity for Highlands music students to showcase their musical talents for the community.”

General admission tickets are $5. Admission is free for Highlands University students and other students.

“Three accomplished and talented seniors graduating with BFAs in music technology in May are among the featured students including Elijah Thomas, Daniel Sam, and Sebastian Jaramillo,” Harrington said.

Many of the students performing in the Original Music Concert play multiple musical instruments as well as sing. Some of the instruments include piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Other music technology students featured in the concert include Nita Lujan, Donaciano Vigil, Cassidy Kear, Reyes Montoya, Christopher Barela, Daniel Sharp, and Alfredo Mondragon.

Music technology students study songwriting, composition, orchestration, and digital audio editing.

Harrington said students majoring in music technology have 24/7 access to the Department of Music’s facilities, and often bring their musical instruments for a week or more as they record. There are two recording control rooms, studios “A” and “B” in the music building, as well as 10 additional digital audio workstations in the lab.


“Studio ‘A’ is built around Pro Tools HD, the industry standard for audio recording hardware and software,” Harrington said.