Exercise and Sport Science Faculty

Complete Department Directory Listing

NMHU Switchboard 505-425-7511
NMHU Recruitment Toll-Free 1 800 338-6648
Area code is 505

505-454-3287    Fax: 454-3001

Joe Schmalfeldt, Ph.D.
Department Chair / Associate Professor of Physical Education
Phone: 505-454-3032
Room: PE-235
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Everett Delgado, M.A.
HU Wellness Program Director
Phone: 505-454-3104
Room: PE-133
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Bill Hayward
Assistant Professor
Phone: 505-426-2024
Room: PE-236
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Kathy Jenkins
Phone: 505-454-3479
Room: PE-227
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Yongseek Kim, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Professor of Sport Administration
Phone: 505-454-3490
Room: PE-227
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Andy Martinez
Facility Manager (Wilson Complex)
Phone: 505-454-3124
Room: PE-231
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Nichole Martinez
Department Secretary
Phone: 505-454-3287
Room: PE-228
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Phillip Marquez
Phone: 505-454-3073
Room: Natatorium
Natatorium website: click here
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Ruthy Watson
Assistant Professor
Phone: 505-426-2233
Room: PE-235
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