Sarah Corey-Rivas, PhD



Associate Professor


Research Interests: Conservation ecology of reptiles and amphibians, molecular ecology, landscape genetics, phylogeography, herpetology.

Curriculum Vitae


Master’s Students

  • Eric Brown: Assessing the Genetic Landscape of the Boreal Toad within a Southern Rocky Mountain Watershed, Colorado.
  • Lisa McBride: Metapopulation structure of two sympatric garter snake species (Thamnophis elegans and Thamnophis cyrtopsis) in the Mora watershed, New Mexico.

Courses Taught

  • General Biology 1 & 2 for Majors (Biol 211 & Biol 212)
  • Molecular Evolution & Ecology (Biol 4/589)
  • Macroevolution (Biol 4/577)
  • Ecological Genomics, Biol 620
  • Ecology (Biol 389)
  • Evolution (Biol 4/576)
  • Capstone research (Biol 498)
  • Advanced Ecology (Biol 689)
  • Graduate Seminar (Biol 650)
  • Research Ethics (Indp 692)

Relevant Publications

  • Corey, S. J. (2010). Phylogenetic Signal of Threatening Processes among Hylids: The Need for Clade‐Level Conservation Planning. Diversity, 2, 142‐162.
  • Waite, T. A., Corey, S. J., Campbell, L. G., Chhangani, A. K., Rice, J. & Robbins, P. (2009). Satellite sleuthing: Does remotely sensed land‐cover change signal ecological degradation in a protected area? Diversity and Distributions, 15, 299‐309.
  • Corey, S. J. and T. A. Waite. (2008). Phylogenetic autocorrelation of extinction threat in globally imperiled amphibians. Diversity and Distributions, 14, 614‐629.
  • Rivas, J. A. & Corey, S. J. (2008). Natural history note: Eunectes murinus (green anaconda). Longevity. Herpetological Review, 39, 469.
  • H.L. Gibbs, S. Corey, G. Blouin‐Demers, K. Prior, & P.J. Weatherhead. (2006). Hybridization between mtDNA‐defined phylogeographic lineages of black ratsnakes (Pantherophis sp.). Molecular Ecology, 15, 3755‐3767.