Paid Internship Opportunities


  • During internships, you work with industry professionals and receive support from our faculty advisers.
  • You gain valuable portfolio-building experience and a chance to get your foot in the door with employers.
  • Our cultural technology internships are project-driven, and your work will be seen in exhibits, online or in print.
  • Other internships are in places like ad or design firms, corporations, cutting-edge research agencies, and more.
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Unique Cultural Technology Immersion Program

  • Our unique program for Interactive Cultural Technology, PICT, is the only one in New Mexico.
  • It prepares upper-level media arts students for careers as multimedia professionals in museums and other cultural organizations.
  • This program is part of an ongoing partnership with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.
  • PICT is a semester-long immersion program that places our students in a real-world design environment, with real-world exhibits and deadlines. It’s hands on and takes students from design concept to project completion.
  • Classes have created projects for the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and closer to home at sites like the Santa Fe Opera, the New Mexico History Museum, and the Santa Fe Institute.
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