What is the cost of attendance including tuition, books, housing, and meals?
Tuition is $2,250 for 12 to 18 undergraduate hours and $2,388.00 for 12 to 18 graduate hours for instate students. Books range from $350 to $600 a semester. Housing for freshman men and women is $1,413.00. Meal plans range from 19 a week for $3,955.00 a year to seven a week for 1,955.00.

Is there financial aid and scholarships available?
Yes, there are a number of scholarships and grants available as well as financial aid.

How big are my classes going to be?
Freshman classes range from 15 to 35 students for the first-year core classes.

How available are my professors to meet with me if I’m having any problems?
Professors have a schedule posted on their doors for office hours, but will not hesitate to meet students without an appointment. It is up to the student to go and ask for the help.

Is there work-study available and how many hours are set?

Yes, work-study is available. There are different kinds and the student must know which one they qualify for. There is federal, state and departmental. The maximum is 15 hours per week.

What extracurricular activities are there to do on campus?
There is always something happening on campus. The Office of Campus Life informs students a number of ways including emails, optional text messages to cell phones, and signs and posters that throughout the campus.

Are  tutors available?
Tutors are available and can be found at the Student Services building or by asking the professors.

Can I change my major at anytime?
Yes, students may change their major by going up to the admissions office and filling out the necessary paperwork for a change of major.

Do students need to pay for events that go on around campus?
Most events on campus are free to students with a valid ID card, and some events will have tickets at a discounted price to students.

Why should I attend this university?
If you like a small classroom atmosphere, professors who will know you by name, and a great value, then Highlands is the place to be. Students will get a high quality education without paying big college prices.

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