President Minner Launches Lunch and Listen Program

Photo of Dr. Minner

Dr. Sam Minner launches “Lunch and Listen” program.


Las Vegas, New Mexico – New Mexico Highlands University President Sam Minner has launched a new Lunch and Listen program aimed at learning more about offices and programs at the university.

His first Lunch and Listen was January 18 with the Financial Aid Office; his next one is February 15 with the Registrar’s Office. Minner says he wants to have lunch with his university colleagues in order to focus on listening to their perspectives and to gain a much better understanding of how offices and programs work.

“It is important for me to understand at some level of detail the challenges and needs of offices and programs,” Minner says. “I think it is helpful to have that kind of discussion in a proactive way before major issues might arise.” He adds, “I hope these lunches will also generate discussion and ideas that might lead to making things even stronger.”

Minner says he also wants to communicate to Highlands University staff that he appreciates their hard work and dedication. “Hosting offices and programs for lunch is one small way to say thank you.”

Minner plans to host Lunch and Listen sessions every few weeks.