President Minner to Speak at Statewide Human Resource Conference


Photo of Dr. Sam Minner

Dr. Sam Minner will speak at the Society for Human Resource Management of New Mexico’s annual conference in Albuquerque April 1 – 2.

 Las Vegas, N.M– New Mexico Highlands University President Sam Minner is one of the featured speakers at the Society for Human Resource Management of New Mexico’s annual conference in Albuquerque April 1 – 2. The conference aims to help prepare the state’s workforce for 2020. It will also focus upon what business leaders must know to meet workforce challenges.

“Many people believe that the workforce of the future requires a broad range of knowledge and skills since workers over their lives will probably have multiple jobs in multiple industries and businesses,” Minner said. “The old formula to train to job X for 30 years and then retire from X is a thing of the past. Workers for the new economy must be agile, savvy, and prepared to pivot quickly. Successful employees must come to the job with good skills, but perhaps more critically, be prepared to keep learning and adapt.”

Minner will speak on a panel of government, education and business leaders such as Alicia J. Keyes, New Mexico’s new cabinet secretary for the Department of Economic Development, and Vince Kadlubek, the CEO and co-founder of Meow Wolf.

“This is a groundbreaking conference for the New Mexico HR and leadership communities because it presents concrete ideas and opportunities to think differently and realize the future is here,” said Barbara Marcus director of the board for the Society for Human Resource Management of New Mexico. “We as business leaders and stakeholders need to change our mindset so we realize the economic opportunities New Mexico has, and then support educational and vocational efforts that are needed.”

Marcus said prominent leaders in their fields are an important part of the conference.

“New Mexico Lt. Gov. Howie Morales and Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., CEO for the Society for Human Resource Management, will present a forward-thinking approach to economic and employment challenges we face in our state, nationally and globally,” Marcus said.

Marcus said Highlands played a strong leadership role in developing the conference.

“We are very grateful to Highlands President Dr. Sam Minner and Human Resources Director Dr. Denise Montoya for partnering with the Society of Human Resource Management of New Mexico in creating this cutting-edge event,” Marcus said.

Montoya is also part of the conference program. Her talk is titled “Disruptions in the Workplace: Preparing for What’s Next…The Future is Now.”

“Technology and talent-on-demand or short-term workers are transforming our workplaces,” Montoya said. “Jobs as we know them today may be obsolete so workers need to learn new skills to thrive in the future.”

Montoya said the employee competencies needed for the future include critical thinking, creativity and innovation, decision-making ability, and complex information processing.

Montoya also serves on the board of directors for the Society for Human Resource Management of New Mexico. She is the immediate past director.

To register for the conference, go online to http://www.shrmnm.org/2019-shrm-nm-state-conference.aspx

The Society for Human Resource Management of New Mexico is an affiliate of the Society of Human Resource Management, the leading membership association for human resource professionals worldwide with more than 300,000 members in more than 165 countries.