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Purchasing General Terms and Conditions

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NMHU Purchasing /Procurement

  • What is procurement and why do we have procurement regulations/codes?
    • Procurement is the purchase of any tangible goods, equipment, services, and construction.
    • Procurement regulations/codes are established to provide uniform, fair & equal, and cost effective processes for spending public funds.  The processes include various safeguards to protect all those involved.
  • Highlands Purchasing Manual and State Procurement Code
  • Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions
    • (Link to downloadable version of General Terms & Conditions [back page on all POs])


  • Purchase Requisition
    • This section will guide you through the Highlands purchase requisition form.  If you have any questions you may contact the Purchasing Department staff at extension 3249 or 3195.
    • Example purchase requisitions are included in the link below.
  • Link to downloadable purchase requisition samples.
    • Suggested Vendor
  • Vendor Information
  • The four empty lines beneath the EIN/SSN line are to be used for the vendor’s name, address, city, state, and zip code.  Many vendors will use multiple addresses depending on the type of correspondence.  Include the ‘remit to’ address, the address where the purchase order is to be submitted to.  Additional instructions may be included, such as ‘Attn: John Smith’, ‘Fax to: 505.454.3109’.
    • Ship to
  • The location where Central Receiving should deliver received items.
    • P.O. ____  ant Box On The Top Right Hand Side of the Form
  • Do not complete anything in this area.  This section is for the Highlands Purchasing Department to complete for compliance.
    • User Contact
  • Include the name, their department and extension number of the person who can be contacted if there are questions about the purchase requisition and its contents.
    •  Date Wanted (Required)
      •  Indicate the date when the purchase order should be opened.  This date is especially important during the closing & opening of fiscal years and restricted budgets.  If there is no particular date when the purchase order needs to be opened you may include the date when the purchase requisition is being prepared.
    • Blanket Order Effective Dates:/Open P.O. Effective Dates:
    • For ‘open purchase orders’ if a specific timeframe for use is desired indicate the start and end dates.
    • Account 1, Account 2, Account 3, Account 4
      • For the ‘Fund, Organization, Account and Program’ (FOAP) to encumber the products and/or services.
      • The ‘Account’ to be used depends on the type of expenditure, such as for services, office expenses, telephone, utilities, capital assets, etc.  Refer to the ‘EXPENDITURE CODES’ section of this website.  There is a downloadable version of this listing on the Purchasing Department homepage.  If you are having trouble determining which account(s) to use you may contact the purchasing department.
      • A purchase requisition can utilize up to four accounts (FOAPS).
      • Review the budget of the FOAP(s) being utilized to determine if there are sufficient funds to cover the requested amount.  During processing of the purchase requisition if there are any FOAPs with insufficient funds the Purchasing Department cannot continue to process it until there are sufficient funds in the FOAP.
    • In the Body of the Purchase Requisition
      • No.
      • To indicate the numerical order of items listed in the purchase requisition.  List consecutively (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)
      • Quantitiy
      • The number of products or payments for the line-item.
      • For ‘open purchase orders’ include ‘1’ in this column.
      • Unit
      • To indicate packaging or purchase measurement (i.e. each, lot (multiple), box, package, roll, bundle, etc.).  Use ‘lot’ for ‘open purchase order’ requests or when multiple payments may be made for an item.  When using ‘box’, ‘package’, ‘roll’, etc. indicate the quantity in the ‘COMMODITY DESCRIPTION’ (i.e. 12 per box, 3 per package, 30 feet per roll, etc.).  Not specifying the quantity per package may cause delays when ordering, with receiving by Central Receiving, and/or while payment is being made.
      • Commodity Description
      • Whenever possible include a product and/or manufacturer number and pertinent information which will provide a clear and concise description of the requested products and/or services.
      • When attaching a quote it is not necessary to include all of the information from the quote onto the purchase requisition.  You should include the most important information as listed in the previous bullet and you may include the following, ‘per the attached quote number _ _ or quote dated on _ _/_ _/_ _’.
      • Multiple lines may be used for an item description.
      • Additional pages may be attached if the ‘Commodity Description’ box does not provide enough space for all items requested.
      • Unit Price
      • The cost of one unit or one expected payment.
      • If making regular equal payments (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) list the amount to be paid during each payment.
      • For ‘open purchase orders’ use the full amount allowable for the item during the life of the purchase order.
      • Total
      • Quantity to be purchased multiplied by the price per unit.  (i.e. quantity of 5, times $3.00 per unit will result in an extended price of $15.00).
      • When preparing the purchase requisition in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) the ‘TOTAL’ will be calculated automatically unless there is an error in inputting.
      • Total Estimated Cost
      • When preparing the purchase requisition in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) the ‘TOTAL ESTIMATED COST’ will be calculated automatically unless there is an error in inputting.
    • Signature Name (Typed)
      •  Name and title of individual approving submittal of the purchase requisition.  This person must be authorized in writing to expend funds from this account(s) used.  This person must also sign the purchase requisition.
    • Approvals
      • Leave this area blank.  This section is for approval for compliance.