Resource Room


The regional collaboration between New Mexico Highlands University and the Northeastern Region’s Northern New Mexico Network for Rural Educators serves as a great resource for the School of Education. This collaborative effort identifies professional development needs, seeks to match resources to needs, and provides a forum for school districts to discuss staff development issues.

The School of Education offers a micro-teaching laboratory where students in secondary education are videotaped conducting instructional sessions. An after-school reading program utilizes the school’s reading laboratory for local school children; both the program and lab provide practical experiences for students in elementary education, reading, and curriculum and instruction programs. In addition, the School of Education has an on-site Child Development Center with educational programs for infants, toddlers and preschool- age children. The Child Development Center provides practicum and field work experience for students in early childhood education, as well as for other university programs.

Established by the School of Education, the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations studies populations whose needs are unmet and who encounter barriers to services and opportunities, and develops strategies for removing those barriers. The cornerstone for the center is Highlands’ Southwest Comprehensive Center for Region IX. This center provides technical assistance to all federal programs under the Improving America’s Schools Act.

The School of Education also has a regional Instructional Materials Evaluation Center that contains publisher-supplied samples of state-approved texts and materials for review by school district administrators, teachers, parents, and education faculty and students. The center also functions as an institutional curriculum library, providing selected samples of resources for short-term loan.