School of Education Sponsors National Summit June 21 – 24

April 27, 2021

photo of Mary Earick

Mary Earick

Las Vegas, N.M – The New Mexico Highlands University School of Education presents a national summit June 21 – June 24 that offers a practical approach to redesigning schools to meet children’s current needs.

The first Problems of Practice Summit at Highlands will focus on developing innovative plans for solving school problems that best support students in the classroom.

“The goal is to help teachers address student needs and learning loss in real time,” said Mary Earick, dean of the School of Education at Highlands. “Highlands will offer expert technical assistance to help schools change.”

Earick said summit attendees will include Highlands’ Professional Development Schools, and high school activist teams from New Mexico, California, South Carolina, and New Hampshire as well as national teams.

To register for the Problems of Practice Summit, go online to https://www.nmhighlandspops.org/lodging-and-accomodations

Erick, who joined the Highlands School of Education in June 2020, is organizing the summit along with a team of faculty from the School of Education.

“I have worked in this field for more than 12 years with substantial results and am excited to bring this summit to Highlands,” Earick said.

Earick said the summit brings together national experts and Highlands School of Education experts to the table to address personalized problems that schools submit in advance.

“We will work collectively to solve problems. The Highlands School of Education is committed to support participating school teams for over one full year after the summit,” Earick said.

On June 22, Ryan Stewart, Ph.D., Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Education, will open the summit. Next, Highlands University President Sam Minner, Ph.D., will lead a president’s roundtable on the future of education.

Earick said the conference includes other national leaders in education.

Participants include Sonia Nieto, Ph.D., emeriti faculty University of Massachusetts – Amherst; Wayne Sailor, Ph.D., professor and co-director for the Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT); Gloria Boutte, Ph.D., distinguished professor of instruction and teacher education, University of South Carolina; and Greg Cajete, Ph.D., Santa Clara Pueblo member and professor University of New Mexico.

“These educational leaders are at the forefront of educational thought and innovation. They will be talking about the future of education to address learning loss in a post-COVID environment,” Earick said.

 During the course of the summit, other national education leaders and keynote speakers include Meir Muller, Ph.D., University of South Carolina; and Marianna Soto-Manning, Ph.D., Columbia’s Teacher College.

The sessions for the conference include:

Ethno STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) The session leaders include Ken Barta, Ph.D., former dean Bemidji University; Shantini Ramakrishnan, Highlands University research and restoration coordinator at the Conservation Science Center @ HU; and Emerald Ford-Anderson, Equity Strategist and Specialist at City Year.

Biliteracy and Biculturalism: The session leaders include Mariannna Soto-Manning, Ph.D., Columbia University Teacher’s College; and Elisabeth Valenzuela, Ph.D, chair of teacher education at Highlands.

Inclusive Educational Pathways:  The session leaders include P.J. Sedillo, Ph.D., chair of special education at Highlands; and the School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation Center.

Multiage Competency Education: The session leaders include Danielle Harvey, M.A., Pittsfield School District principal; and Seonsook Park, Ph.D., chair of curriculum and instruction at Highlands.

High School Activism and Identity: The session leaders include Leon Bustos, M.A., Highlands University, Highlands Undergraduate Enrichment director; and New Hampshire Summer Leadership Team (five high school seniors).

For more information about the Problems of Practice Summit go online to https://www.nmhighlandspops.org/