Photo of siblings Ali and Chris Romero

Siblings Ali, left, and Chris Romero

Las Vegas, N.M. – Siblings Ali and Chris Romero, students in New Mexico Highlands University’s media arts and technology program, joined forces this month for an art exhibition at 2Ten Galeria in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

In their artist statement, the duo describes their “Lukewarm Mess” exhibition as absurd, playful and offbeat, focusing on the use of minimal but impactful color combinations as well as the way light affects these colors. The exhibition continues through July 7.

“My pieces focus on photography and the different ways to present and capture light and color in photographs,” Ali Romero, 30, said.

Chris Romero, 22, said, “My pieces combine my love of both photography and design into pieces that are halfway between the two mediums.”

Chris Romero was the first to study media arts and technology at Highlands.

“We were both interested in art and photograph since we were young,” Chris said. “I took Ali to the spring media arts show in May 2017. She really liked the new facility and the work that was being done there.”

“Media arts made the art that I was already working on a viable career choice,” Ali said.

As for their professional partnership, Ali said, “We’ve always worked well together,” and Chris added, “We balance each other out well.”

Both Ali and Chris Romero said two professors in media arts stand out as the most influential to them: Maria Fox Hausman and Angela Meron.

“Not only have Mariah and Angela taught me so much, they care about their students and their success,” Ali Romero said. “They are the type of people who get things done no matter the circumstances. It’s amazing the things that can be accomplished when you have people like Mariah and Angela as your teachers and mentors.”

Chris Romero said, “Mariah and Angela were the first professors that I had in media arts. I’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much from them. Seeing how hard they work, and the large amount of effort and time they put into their students and their own work, has always inspired me and driven me to work as hard as I can and learn as much as possible.”

Fox Hausman said both Ali and Chris have many talents.

It’s wonderful and rare to see siblings team up as they do, and the power they demonstrate as a synergistic team is notable,” Fox Hausman said.

Fox Hausman said Ali Romero is not only a stand-out student, but a kind, considerate and interesting human being.

“Ali is dedicated to doing a good job at her media work and is passionate about learning. It’s impressive that she is unafraid to tackle projects that seem beyond reach and moves through obstacles to triumph. An example of Ali’s phenomenal work is the exciting, large and challenging volcano installation that she designed and led for this year’s Program for Interactive Technology exhibit at the Jemez Historic Site. I’m very proud to know and work with an artist like Ali,” Fox Hausman said.

Fox Hausman said Chris Romero is an exceptional and gifted artist.

“Chris’ responses to the world and his work as an artist are thoughtful, intelligent and intuitive. Chris has matured considerably as a media specialist, and he has become someone I’m proud and excited to work with. His new exhibit at 2Ten Galeria is the third exhibit he has finished in the last two months, which is an impressive feat only possible with talent, determination and resilience. Not only is Chris’ work appealing to look at, his clever texts are thoroughly amusing,” Fox Hausman said.

Chris will graduate in July 2019 with a double major that includes a BFA in media arts and technology with a concentration in visual communication as well as an English degree. Ali is on track to graduate in May 2020, also with a BFA in media arts and technology with a concentration in visual communication. They are Las Vegas natives.