MA in Cultural Resource Management 

The main objective of the MA in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) is to prepare students who already work in CRM, or plan to work in CRM, for full professional CRM anthropological work in tribal, states, and federal agencies, as well as in the private sector. Accordingly, students will be trained in the new developments, techniques, and in the technical literature of anthropology and related professional fields of work. Ultimately, the goal of the CRM program will be to prepare students to be employees who possess qualifications that comply with professional requirements and needs of public and private potential employers.  

Required Courses: 27-31 credits  

ANTH 5100 Method & Theory in Archaeology (3) 

ANTH 5130 Archaeology of the Southwest (3) 

ANTH 5140 Field Methods in Archaeology (Field School) (2-6) or 6980 CRM Internship 2-6 

ANTH 5760 Indians of the American SW (3) or ANTH 5770 The Hispanic Southwest (3) 

ANTH 5810 Cultural Resources Management (3) 

ANTH 6960 Ethnographic Research Methods (3) 

FORS 5120 Surveying & Geographic Information Systems (4) 

GEOL 5120 Geologic Resources, Laws, and Environmental Politics (3) 

ANTH 6940 Professional Paper (3) 

Electives Selected in Consultation with your Advisor: Minimum 6 Credits 

ANTH 5110 People and Plants in Prehistory (3) 

ANTH 5120 Lithic Tech & Analysis (3) 

ANTH 5420 Forensic Anthropology and Osteology (4) 

ANTH 5160 Ceramic Analysis (3) 

ANTH 5180 Beliefs and Practices among Native Americans in the Southwest (3) 

GEOL 6000 Environmental Mineralogy (3) 

GEOL 6200 Clay Mineralogy (4) 

Total Credits Required: 33-37 credit hours 


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