Spring Media Arts Exhibit May 10

Las Vegas, N.M – Highlands University media arts and technology students will showcase their work in the department’s Spring Exhibit May 10 at 5:30 p.m.

The exhibit is open to the public and is in the Media Arts Trolley Building at 1183 San Francisco Ave., which opened in August 2017.

“This exhibit will be an especially robust example of the work that Highlands University media arts and technology students create each semester, with 10 Bachelor of Fine Art graduates and many other students participating,” said media arts professor Mariah Hausman, who supervised the BFA exhibit. “We will be proudly displaying films, photography, design, installation, 3-D works, interactivity and cultural technology projects recently made in partnership with outside organizations.”

Student work in media art’s Program for Interactive Cultural Technology (PICT) and the AmeriCorps Cultural Technology (ACT) program are part of the exhibit.

Media arts Bachelor of Fine Art candidates’ work in the exhibit includes:

Patricia Chavez presents a branding campaign for a craft brewery called Doyenne that celebrates women in history who have changed the workforce of today’s society. The campaign includes a logo, package design, signage, an advertising commercial, and a simulated bar design.

Jonathon Cordova will screen his dramatic and troubling original short fiction film, Broken, which explores drug addiction and its effects on the people who are closest to the afflicted.

Amber Cruz created an installation, Rev., which focuses on women’s rights and spans many of the media arts skills she learned in the program. Her exhibit space includes illustration, 3-D design, photography and multimedia signage.

Fabian Duran premieres My Life, My Ink, a large-scale photographic print and audio installation which seeks to draw attention to tattoo culture and how society responds to people who choose to be “inked” in a small town.

Monica García will show her short film, Deceived, a horror/drama taking place in New Mexico about lies, murder and revenge. The film will be shown in a movie theater setting complete with tickets and popcorn.

Terence García screens his short film, Dangerous Days, inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino. The film features dramatic lighting, angles, color and effects that unravel characters submerged in dark, risky conflicts.

Makenzie Gruenig sensitively explores and exposes the challenges, stories and emotional circumstances of people living with chronic illness, in three short documentary films titled, Disappearing from Society.

Janel Herrera’s photographic installation, Iglesias de Antes, is a tribute to church architecture in Northern New Mexico rural landscapes. It highlights the serenity, dignity and cultural legacy that these historic buildings emanate and possess.

Andrew LaPointe edited and designed a print magazine called Food Dog, which features the unique cultural intersection of the New Mexico food and art scenes, with pages that include curated art, interviews, articles and more.

Taj Mathis premieres his original music video, Where Are We Now, an engaging story of two lovers who become caught in emotional situations of mistrust and confusion.