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Requirements for Bachelors of Arts in Psychology Transfer from SJC

The left side of the table below are the course requirements from San Juan Community College with a AA in Psychology that will transfer and meet the corresponding requirements of New Mexico Highlands University when completing your Associates of Arts in Psychology at SJC.  The lower section of the table are the remaining requirements that are needed to be taken in order to complete your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Highlands University.  This table reflects the Articulation Agreement between the two schools and is an advisement guide. 

Transfer Advisement Guide between San Juan Community College and New Mexico Highlands University
San Juan College   New Mexico Highlands University
General Education   Bachelor of Arts Psychology


General Education 38   Core Curriculum 35
Area I. Communications-9 credits     Area I. Communications-9 credits  
ENGL 111 3   ENG 111 Fresh Comp I 3
ENGL 211 3   ENG 112 Fresh Comp I I 3
COMM 110 or 111 3   MART 124 Beginning Speech 3
Area II. Mathematics-3 credits     Area II. Mathematics-3 credits  
MATH C130, 160, 180, OR 188 3   Math 140 College Algebra 3
Area III. Lab Science-8 credits     Area III. Lab Science-8 credits  
Select two from:       Science Requirement 4
BIOL 110,121,122 4     Science Requirement 4
Or CHEM 110,111,112 4        
Or PHYS 211&211L, 212&212L,
215&215L, or216&216L
Or GEOL 110,111 4        
Area IV. Social/Behavioral Sciences 6- 9     Highlands University Corresponding Courses  
PSYC 120 3   PSY 101 3
SOCI 110 3   SOC 152 3
ANTH 210 or 211 3   ANTH 102 or 103 3
Area V. Humanities and Fine Arts 6-9 credits   Area V. Humanities and Fine Arts 6-9 credits
HIST 211 or 212 3   Fine Art Intro to Art, Music or Theater 3
Select one:
ARTS 110, MUSI 110,111, or 112, or
THEA 110 or 120
  3   Humanities Intro to Survey Courses, History or Philosophy 3

Other SJC General Education Requirements

COSC 111 3        
Associate Degree Program Requirements 23   Highlands University Courses Waived
PSYC 210 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences 3   PSY 321/405 Social Psychology or Positive  
PSYC 230 Human Development 3   PSY 324/328 Abnormal Psychology or Theories of Personality  
PSYC 240 Social Psychology 3   PSY 340 Developmental Psychology  
PSYC 275 Theories of Personality 3        
Associate Degree Program Electives     Highlands University Program Electives  
Elective Course Psychology Elective Hours 6   PSY Psychology Electives 3
Elective Course Other SJC Elective Hours 9        
Total Credits-SJC Associate's Degree 65        
Electives at any level at either Institution 11   Electives at any level at either Institution 11
      Remaining HU – BA Program Requirements
        PSY 301 Psychological Research Methods 4
        PSY 302 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 4
        PSY 408 Drugs and Behavior 3
        PSY 433 History of Psychology 3
        PSY 319 Memory and Cognition 3
        PSY 320 Memory and Cognition Lab 1
        PSY 317 Learning Basics Processes 3
        PSY 318 Learning Lab 1
        ** Note: Students take either PSY 319/320 or PSY 317/318
          Total 18
          Upper Division Electives 34
          SJC Credits 65
          Open Electives 11
        Total Credits 128