Strategic Enrollment Management to Launch Recruit 1 Initiative to Help Enrollment Grow

July 29, 2020

photo of Reynaldo Maestas

Reynaldo Maestas

Las Vegas, New Mexico – New Mexico Highlands University is launching the Recruit 1 Initiative, a staff-led effort to recruit new students to the university to help its enrollment grow.

The Office of Strategic Enrollment Management at Highlands will start the recruitment campaign Sept. 1. All staff and faculty at Highlands are eligible to participate and win prizes with the exception of Strategic Enrollment Management staff.

“A majority of our employees have attended Highlands or are current students,” said Reynaldo Maestas, assistant director of the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. “This allows staff to give invaluable insight when talking to prospective students.”

Maestas said that especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Highlands is reaching out in creative ways to prospective students to increase enrollment.

“The Recruit 1 Initiative is one of many outreach activities. The Recruit 1 committee wants to thank Highlands President Sam Minner and the Human Resources Department for supporting the prizes for this effort,” Maestas said.

Highlands University staff and faculty who participate in the Recruit 1 Initiative are eligible for prizes. More information is available online at

The details for the Recruit 1 Initiative include:

  • Students must be incoming Highlands students at the following levels: undergraduate or graduate, non-degree or degree-seeking and certificate-seeking.
  • Students must be new Highlands students or returning students who have exhausted three years of non-attendance.
  • Students must be admitted to Highlands between Sept. 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021.
  • Interested staff or faculty must send an email from their Highlands’ email to to indicate their interest in participating. The email must include the staff member’s department.
  • Referrals can be documented in two ways:

-The prospective student can use the application for admission to indicate that he or she was referred by a staff member and give the staff member’s name.

-The staff member can collect information about the student and submit this information via email to  Information to collect includes the student name, phone number and email address, major or program of study and Highlands location where student would like to attend.

  • The Recruit 1 committee will review referrals, verify that students enrolled, and document staff participation.
  • Recruiting materials (business cards, brochures, and application process information) are available to staff, and can be requested from the Recruitment Office.
  • Drawings for prizes will be held annually.

For more information, contact Maestas at