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First Destination Survey results for the Bachelor of Business Administration Program Class of 2015-2016 at New Mexico Highlands University


First Destination Survey

The data in this summary report was collected from Bachelor of Business Administration graduates of December 2016, May 2016, and August 2016 using a comprehensive First Destination Survey conducted by the NMHU Career Services Center. The survey was sent to both student and personal emails of all graduates during a 4-month period of December 7, 2016 to April 7, 2017. The primary purpose of this survey is to measure the success rate of graduates’ initial career activity, which includes employment (full-time and part-time), continuing education (graduate/professional school), volunteer service and military service. A comprehensive report on postgraduate activity for all academic programs at NMHU will be available by July 30, 2017. This survey follows the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) standards and protocols to guide educational institutions in collecting and disseminating vital information on the immediate career outcomes of their graduates.

School of Business Bachelor degree graduates

AY 2015-2016 Number Percentage
Total UG Graduates 89 100%
Respondents 36 40%
Success Rate: Employed & Continuing Education* 30 83%
Employed 24 67%
Continuing Education 6 16%
Volunteer Service 0 0%
Military Service 0 0%
Still seeking employment or continuing education 6 17%

*Success Rate = the number of graduates who are identified as employed (full-time, part-time), enrolled in program of continuing education (graduate/professional school), participating in a program of volunteer service (i.e. Peace Corp), or serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Business graduates: Does your post-graduation job require a bachelor’s degree?

Major Number of Students Responded Indicated Yes Percentage
Business Administration 23 18 78.26%
  • 23 of 36 responded

Business graduates: How closely does your academic major relate to your current job?

Major Number of Students Responded Very relevant % Somewhat relevant % Somewhat irrelevant % Not relevant at all %
Business Administration 23 14 60.87% 5 21.74% 3 13.04% 1 4.35%
  • 23 of 36 responded

Business graduates: How long did it take you to secure your post-graduation job?

Major Number of Students Responded Secured job prior to graduation Secured job within 1 month of graduation Secured job 1 to 3 months after graduation Secured job 4 to 6 months after graduation Secured job 6 months to 1 year after graduation
Business Administration 23 15 0 0 4 4
  • 23 of 36 responded

Business graduates: Employer Name, Job Title and Major

Employer Names Location Job Titles Major Salary
Navajo Nation Uranium Office Shiprock, NM Administrative Assistant Business Admin: Management $40,602
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions Santa Fe, NM Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist Business Admin: Management $36,000
Enterprise Albuquerque, NM Management Trainee Business Admin: Management $38,000
Santa Fe Public Schools Santa Fe, NM Substitute Teacher Business Admin: Management $50,000
San Juan College ACE Center Farmington, NM Administrative Assistant 2 Business Admin: Management $31,572
Los Alamos National Security Los Alamos, NM Accountant Business Admin: Accounting $45,000
Asset Mark Trust Company Phoenix, AZ New Business Transfer Specialist Business Admin: Finance/Managerial $41,000
Diné College Tsaile, AZ Construction Project Director Business Admin: Management $72,000
State of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM Accounts Payable Supervisor Business Admin: Management $45,000
City of Los Angeles Public Works Los Angeles, CA Construction Inspector Business Admin: Management $65,000
Presbyterian Medical Services Santa Fe, NM Outreach and Enrollment Supervisor Business Admin: Finance/Managerial $34,000
Eleventh Judicial District Court Aztec, NM Court Financial Manager Business Admin: Accounting $65,100
Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Roswell, NM Director of Physician Relations/Recruitment Business Admin: Management $86,000
State of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM Procurement Supervisor Business Admin: Finance/Managerial $61,500
State Government Santa Fe, NM Senior Human Resources Consultant Business Admin: Management $60,000
Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, NM Procurement Specialist Business Admin: Marketing $40,020
State of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM Staff Manager Business Admin: Management $61,000
Weiner& Company, PC Santa Fe, NM Staff Accountant Business Admin: Accounting $50,000
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM Admission Adviser Business Admin: Finance/Managerial $29,000
  • 19 of 24 employed graduates provided employment information

Business graduates: Mean and Median Salaries for Full-time/Part Time Employment

Academic Program Average Median
Business Administration $50,042 $45000
  • 19 of 24 employer graduates provided employment information

Business graduates: Continuing Education (Graduate School)

Institution Field of Study Type of Degree Location
New Mexico Highlands University Finance MBA San Bernardino, California
New Mexico Highlands University Human Resources MBA Rio Rancho, New Mexico
New Mexico Highlands University Finance MBA Las Vegas, New Mexico
New Mexico Highlands University Marketing MBA Rio Rancho, New Mexico
New Mexico Highlands University Management MBA Rio Rancho, New Mexico
  • 5 of 6 Continuing Education graduates provided school information

Business graduates: Please provide any comments you believe are valuable for improving or supporting NMHU’s Career Services Center.

  1. Post flyers and conduct outreach to centers other than Las Vegas. In Santa Fe I didn’t even know that office existed until post-graduation. —Business Admin: Management
  2. More effective advertising. —Business Admin: Management
  3. Market the Career center more. —Business Admin: Management
  4. Let people know about services. —Business Admin: Management
  5. I really want to stress the importance of internships/co-op. I have struggled so hard to find a job because I was not made aware of how much is stressed upon internships. Getting the college education is great, but if you do not come away with any experience in your field of study. It doesn’t matter how well you did in school. Employers want real world experience and they expect you to come with 2-3 years of that experience. If you don’t come in with that, they will thank you and send you on your way. No one want’s anything to do with you. So please stress to all students that it is so important in the real world to come with experience in your field of study. That matters just as much. – Business Admin: Finance/Managerial
  6. I never saw or had the opportunity to get information about any internships within the Business Department. I feel that if I would have had this opportunity that it definitely would have benefited me in my search for a career after college. I just came across the company ZAPPOS and it looks like such a wonderful company to have had a wonderful internship with. Let all Business Students know about this company based in Las Vegas, NV. It is a company ahead of its time. Still trying to hopefully get an internship with their company. – Business Admin: Finance/Managerial
  7. Offer these services at other locations like Rio Rancho. We don’t use them because we are unaware of what they offer. I have been looking for internships but can’t seem to find any info. The NMHU website is not user friendly. –Business Admin: Management
  8. Provide services/guidance to working adults obtaining degrees to advance in current careers. —Business Admin: Finance/Managerial
  9. Create ongoing co-op and internship programs with employers that tie into academic programs. Reach out to employers on behalf of excellent students interested in such programs. –Business Admin: Marketing
  10. None at the moment, probably after my MBA program. —Business Admin: Management
  11. I was not planning on staying in New Mexico and the jobs they are helping you look for are only for that state. If I wanted to look elsewhere I was on my own. I understand why they want the people to only work in that state but they have got to think globally. —Business Admin: Finance/Managerial
  • 11 of 36 graduates provide comments for this question.

Future survey recommendations and plan for improvement: Career Services will increase collaboration with the Business Department to do the following:

  1. The department will help promote the importance and value of this survey to all seniors in order to increase survey response rate.
  2. The Business Department will encourage student participation with internships and offer practicum credit for internships.
  3. The business faculty will engage Career Services into class assignments, class presentations, and strongly encourage students to utilize these services.
  4. Career Services will increase its outreach efforts to all students—especially to distance and Center students—through faculty collaborations, email campaigns, social media, and innovative marketing strategies.
  5. Career Services will improve the visibility of its internship and job posting webpage to make it easier and faster to search for employment opportunities.
  6. Career Services will seek ongoing feedback from students and faculty to improve its services.