Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Biology Majors
Research is an integral part of the Biology Program at Highlands University. We believe that undergraduate students who get to do hands-on research become stronger students with a passion for science. The Biology program provides research opportunities for students:
  1. In both introductory and advanced courses
  2. In summer internships and experiences
  3. With one-on-one mentorship in a biology professor’s research lab, and
  4. With our senior capstone research courses, BIOL 491 and 498 for BS Biology Majors.
Research is a fun and exciting way to strengthen your path to being a scientist. Students who do research as undergraduates gain:
  • Professional conduct, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Deeper understanding of the process of science
  • Exploration of professional interests and talents
  • Experience leading to a future career or graduate school

Master’s in Life Science

We are currently seeking graduate students to conduct research in our Master’s Program. ┬áIf you are interested or have questions, please contact the Natural Sciences graduate faculty.