Transportation options to the Highlands University Campus

Transportation to the university campus from the surrounding states can be handled in a number of ways if you don’t have your own transportation.

Albuquerque, NM | Denver, CO | El Paso, TX | Los Angeles, CA

Albuquerque, NM

Arriving from Albuquerque airport to connecting ground transportation services

If you are arriving via the Albuquerque airport (on weekdays only), use the airport express route 250 to get from the airport to the Albuquerque Alvarado Transportation Center to access ground transportation connections.

From the Alvarado Center, you can choose any one of the following ground transportation options:

Amtrak runs from the Alvarado Center to Las Vegas seven days a week. The train code for Las Vegas is LSV, and the train code for Albuquerque is ABQ. Make sure you chose the Las Vegas, New Mexico station and not Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amtrak website click here.

Once you arrive at the Las Vegas train station, call the Meadow City Express, Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m..
Phone: 505-454-8583

If you arrive during non-business hours, call the New Mexico Highlands University Campus Police and they will pick you up as long as you are a student attending Highlands University.

Phone: 505-454-3278

Sandia Shuttle Express
If you take the Sandia Shuttle Express from the airport to Santa Fe, you will still need to find other transportation to Las Vegas. The only service available from Santa Fe is by bus, which only operates on weekdays except for holidays. To get to Las Vegas from Santa Fe you can take the New Mexico Park and Ride, instructions below.

Sandia Shuttle Express website: click here
Phone toll free: 888-775-5696

New Mexico Park and Ride Bus Service
This service provides ground transportation between Santa Fe and Las Vegas NM. This service is only provided during the week except for holidays and the hours are very limited.

New Mexico Park and Ride website: click here.
Choose the Northern New Mexico schedule. This will have fare and time schedules posted.

Denver, CO

From Denver to Las Vegas, there are two ground options.

Bus and train option
From Denver International airport you can take a Regional Transportation District(RTD) bus to the Denver Union Station. On the RTD website, select landmarks from the menu options, then select, airport as origin and select the destination as rail and then submit.The route will display.

Train option
RTD link click here
Amtrak website click here.
Train from Denver Union Station to Las Vegas. This train makes a stop in Raton.

Bus option
You will need to call the bus company to make arrangements. Their website does not give you the option to make travel plans.

El Paso – Los Angeles Limousine Express bus option.
Make sure you specify Denver to Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Website click here
Phone: 1.303.293.2244
Departure Location: 2215 California Street, Denver CO

El Paso, TX

The bus is the most reasonable option. Traveling by train is more expensive than flying and there is not a reasonable direct route. Example to get to the campus: you would need to travel by train from El Paso to Los Angeles and then from there to Albuquerque and then to Las Vegas.

El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express
Make sure you specify El Paso to Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Website: click here
Phone: 915.532.4061
Departure location: 720 S. Oregon, El Paso, TX

Los Angeles, CA

If you are coming from Los Angeles, you have two ground options. You can take the Amtrak train to Las Vegas, NM or travel by bus through El Paso – Los Angeles Limousine Express.

Train option
You will need to enter the codes for the Los Angeles Union Station(LAX) to Las Vegas NM(LSV). Make sure you select Las Vegas, NM.
Amtrak website click here.

Bus option
El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express
Make sure you specify Los Angles to Las Vegas, New Mexico.
El Paso – Los Angeles Limousine Express website click here
Phone: 213.623.2323
Departure location: 260 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA