Who funds these programs?
The New Mexico Legislature has allocated funds, which are dispersed to universities by NM PED.  NMHU sends the funds directly to your bank account.

Am I eligible for this program?
Yes. As soon as you complete your content and methods courses in the School of Education, we enroll you in your student teaching semester[s] and you will automatically be eligible (as long as you are not a teacher of record working as a long-term sub).

What classes do I need to take?

You will want to complete:

  • Your undergraduate CORE courses
  • Your Extended Core for education
  • And your Content and Methods courses

And at that time, you begin your student teaching in the Residency or Stipend program (See the different requirements for each degree program)

What does a typical day in the teacher residency program look like?

You mirror your Co-Teacher and collaborate with him/her in all aspects of classroom practice. At the beginning of the semester, you take on a supporting role – observing and offering feedback, assisting with materials, assisting with small groups, and (when you are ready) moving onto the other Co-Teaching strategies. Eventually, when the timing is right for both you and your Co-Teacher, you take on the role of lead instructor, and your Co-Teacher assists and observes.

Does my scholarship still apply while I am a Teacher Resident?

  • Scholarships that cover your tuition are not affected at all.
  • The NM Opportunity scholarships are not affected.
  • Financial aid loans are not affected.
  • We will check with each Candidate on a one-to-one basis to ensure we are compliant with NM PED requirements and policies

How much do the Stipend and Residency programs pay?

The one-semester Stipend pays you $12,000

The one-year Residency pays you $35,000

Do I pay taxes?
We will send you a 1099 form so you can declare your income.

Is there a lot of paperwork?
There is no significant additional paperwork, other than the usual forms and contracts for taking the student teaching courses. Contact Saasha Lambson, saashalambson@nmhu.edu for details

What are the responsibilities of the program?
Please see our Educator Preparation Handbook for details on all aspects of student teaching at NMHU. Your primary responsibility is to shift from being a student to being a teacher – responsible now for the learning, growth, and well-being of the students in your classroom.