Plan for Bookstore Online Textbook Sales for the Fall Semester:

Once the website is live, no later than 8/3/2020, we will be sending a global email out to all students with information and a link to the BBA website. At this time, online orders can be submitted. We will start processing orders a week + before the semester begins to ensure the students have their textbooks in time for classes. The orders will be processed and shipped out within 24 hours if BBA has the textbook in stock. Once the order is shipped, students normally should receive their order within two business days.

Students can send an email to if they have a question or issue with an order. This information will be on the BBA website. All emails will be followed up on within 24 hours.

During and at the end of the semester, global emails will be sent out to all students explaining how students can return their rental textbooks (this will include instructions, deadline and address to mail the textbooks too).

All emails and information provided to students will be based on NMHU decisions and information provided throughout the semester.