This curriculum provides the rigorous studio practice and conceptual/art historical framework necessary to develop a portfolio for application to graduate programs in fine arts or to prepare the candidate for a self-directed career in fine art.  It is a critique-driven program that requires the student enroll in portfolio development, and exhibition courses, as well as directed study courses.

The program will help students of New Mexico, the region and the nation advance to master of fine arts programs and develop a clear direction in their work to be competitive as a self-directed, independent fine artist.

Admissions into the post baccalaureate program is contingent upon undergraduate transcripts, CV, and a portfolio of twenty images which demonstrates competency in studio art.  Additionally, the applicant must submit a letter of purpose and two letters of recommendation from sources outside of Highlands University. Admission into graduate school is also required.

Students who do not have 15 credit hours of art history classes may be admitted to the program on a provisional basis. These course requirements must be met in order to advance in the program.

Post-baccalaureate Fine Art Program of Study Form pdficon_small


Tier 1: Credits
591 Portfolio Development and Professional Practices 2
Studio Electives 9–12
593 Directed Study 1-4
Tier 2:
550 Seminar in Art History 3
595 Exhibit 1
Studio Electives 9-12
593 Directed Study 1-4
Studio Electives: 18
521 Painting 3
522 Painting 4
531 Ceramics 3
534 Practicum 1-4
535 Selected Topics in Art 1-4
541 Sculpture 3
542 Sculpture 4
550 Seminar in Art 1-4
561 Jewelry and Metalsmithing 3
571 Printmaking 3
572 Printmaking 4
585 Art Foundry 3
593 Directed Study in Art Studio 1-4
596 Exhibit Design (tier 1 or 2): 3
Total credit hours for Certificate: 30