Wind Ensemble and Mariachi Concert April 30, Original Music Concert May 1

April 27 2015


Las Vegas, N.M. – The final Highlands University Department of Music concerts this semester feature a wind ensemble, mariachi group, and original music.

The Highlands Wind Ensemble and the HU Mariachi Vaqueros de la Sierra will perform in concert April 30 at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Building Ballroom, 800 National Ave.

Tickets prices are $7 and include a variety of desserts served at the end of the performance.

“Both the Wind Ensemble and the Mariachi Vaqueros will play some old standards that are always popular,” said Highlands music professor Yasmin Flores, who directs both ensembles.

Joining Flores on clarinet and baritone saxophone in the Wind Ensemble are community members Bruce Holmes on alto saxophone and June Franklin on tenor saxophone. Music professor Andre-García Nuthmann will accompany on piano.

Lisa Cisneros, a soprano, is the featured vocal soloists for Mariachi Vaqueros de la Sierra.

The Original Music Concert is May 1 at 7 p.m. in the university’s historic Ilfeld Auditorium, 900 University Ave. It features original works written and produced by Highlands University music students, many of whom are in the Music Technology Program. Music professor Edward Harrington directs the program and the concert.

The Original Music Concert program includes:

  • Jacobo Rael – “It’s All About The Money” (voice and guitar performance) with Gary Luna, voice and guitar
  • Gerald García – “This Is For The Mommas” (voice and audio production)
  • Tod Landis – “Untitled” (audio production)
  • Brian Conklin – “Soundtrack 1” (audio production)
  • Joseph Rivera – “Chillin’” (voice and piano performance)
  • Jamie Fernandez – “Soundtrack” (audio production)
  • Amor Romero  –“So Easy” (voice and audio production)
  • Nita Lujan – “3 songs” (voice and audio production)
  • Sebastian Jaramillo – “Untitled” (voice and guitar audio production)
  • Jason Murray – “I’ll Be There” and “Dancing on The Shore” (voice and guitar performance)
  • Michael Redhorse – “Heaven in my Tea” and “Untitled” (voice and audio production)
  • Rock Ulibarri –“Stranger” and “Hurts The Most” (voice and guitar performance)
  • Kevin Baca – “3 Songs” (guitar and band performance) with Daniel Torres, guitar and bass; Daniel Sam, drums; and James Cisneros, bass
  • Daniel Sam – “Brightened Eyes” and “Dance With Me In Fire” (voice, piano, drums, and band performance) with Danny Sam, guitar; Maria Sam, bass; Daniel Sam, piano, drums; and Marcial Lujan, drums
  • Elijah Thomas – “3 Songs” (voice, guitar, and band performance) Anthony Urioste, voice and bass; Johnathan Roybal, voice; and Justin Valdez, drums

Harrington said the sound reinforcement engineers are vital and include Amor Romero, Sebastian Jaramillo, Michael Redhorse, and Alexander Martínez.

Ticket prices for the Original Music Concert are $5. Highlands University students with valid IDs are free.