Covid-19 information: Please click the banner

Covid-19 information: Please click the banner

Information for Faculty, Instructors and TAs

We are happy to meet with your students no matter what you are teaching.

Options for student writing support include:

  1. Required tutoring for the entire class; if you would like supplemental support for your students’ writing, you can:
    1A Inquire about Writing Center staff availability during the timeframe before your assignment is due.
    1B Email your assignment as well as any specific information you would like us to know.
    1C Provide students with a window of opportunity that encourages them to work with us in scheduling appointments rather than waiting until the paper is due.
  2. Required regular appointments for individuals – for students with significant writing needs, you can require regular appointments throughout the semester or for a particular assignment.
  3. Voluntary, as needed appointments – students can make appointments based on their needs.  If a writing assignment is due in your class, please encourage students to make appointments early in the writing process.

Reserving the lab

Instructors may reserve the lab for whole class instruction. The lab includes a teaching station with projector and can accommodate up to 20 students. Please contact the Writing Center as soon as possible if you would like to bring your class to the lab.

Graduate students
The Writing Center is willing to work with graduate students in all fields. Be aware that Writing Center students are able to help students with general writing concerns. However, we may not be familiar with the content presented in the student’s paper or specific characteristics of writing in the student’s discipline.

The role of grammar
In the Writing Center, we take a holistic approach to writing and tutoring. Although we recognize the importance of grammar and mechanics, we understand that writing is much more than punctuation and capitalization. Sessions focus primarily on global concerns like organization and argumentation.