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Recalling BooksCourtesy CardsPassport Information

To borrow items from the Highlands libraries, the user must present a valid Highlands identification card or a Highlands Courtesy Card. There are no fines charged for items that are overdue. However, you may not borrow any additional items until overdue items are returned.   To renew, call 505.454.3401.


If you lose or damage a library book, you are responsible for the replacement cost.


Highlands ID Card Holders

Loan Period Maximum number of
Items/loan period
Number of
 Highlands faculty  1 semester  30 items  1
 Highlands graduate students  1 semester  30 items  1
 Highlands undergraduate students  1 semester  20 items  0
 Highlands staff  1 semester  10 items  0

Courtesy Card Holders

 Highlands retired faculty  1 semester  30 items  1
 Highlands alumni  21 days  10 items  2
 Luna Community College students  21 days  10 items  2
 United World College students  21 days  10 items  2
 Las Vegas Area community borrower  21 days  10 items  2
 Las Vegas Area community borrower under 18  21 days  10 items  2
 Immediate family of Highlands employees  21 days  10 items  2
 Passport borrower  21 days  10 items  2


Items that have been checked out for more than two weeks are eligible to be recalled. You may either call the library at 505.454.3401 to have a recall placed on the book, or do it yourself from within Libros. Search for the book in Libros. If it is checked out:

  • Click on the “Request” button at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Enter your name and then H@, followed by your eight digit university ID
  • When the item is returned, a notice will be sent to your Highlands email account informing you that the item is available. You have five days to pick up the item.

Once your request has been placed, a notice will be sent to the patron who currently has the item checked out. This notice will ask the patron to return the item within five days from the date the notice is sent. If the patron fails to return the item by the date requested, they will be billed for the item.


Courtesy card holders are users who are not students or employed by the university. Applicants need to apply in person at the Information Desk or Circulation Desk with valid picture ID and proof of residence such as a current utility bill. For specific information, call the Information Desk at 505.454.3401.


Highlands libraries participate in the New Mexico reciprocal borrowing program using the Library Passport certificates. This program enables our students, faculty, emeritus faculty and staff to borrow items directly from other participating colleges and universities throughout the state. Highlands students, faculty, emeritus faculty and staff may obtained Library Passports from the reference/information desk at Donnelly Library in Las Vegas, or via e-mail:

Donnelly Library Passport Certificate (to be completed by library staff)
New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries

Students, faculty, and staff from other Libros Consortium libraries who have a current verifiable library account with a Libros Consortium library and a valid photo ID, do not need to apply for a passport from their home libraries in order to borrow material from Highlands libraries. Students, faculty, and staff from non-Libros libraries should obtain a Library Passport from their university and present the certificate at the circulation desk. Call 505.454.3401, if you have questions.