Budget Development

2017 Budget Development


The New Mexico Highlands University Budget Office will be preparing the FY17 budget this winter. This process can best be accomplished with your assistance, input and suggestions. The following guidelines will assist you with this important task. Please feel free to comment and ask for assistance.

FY17 Budget Development and Guidelines

Departmental reports that include the FY16 beginning budget, adjusted budget, actual expenses and encumbrances through January 30, 2016 will be provided to assist departments in developing their annual budget.

Departments will only be responsible for the following general expenses portion of their budget:

  • General and administrative expenses;
  • Travel;
  • Equipment;
  • Hourly non-classroom staff.

All budget items including salary and benefits, revenues and internal charges, etc. will be processed by the Budget Office.

A worksheet will be provided for departments to enter their proposed budget under a FY17 Budget header. These same amounts will need to be entered into Banner by a department designee. Each department should identify this individual to the Budget Office by January 8th, 2016. If the designee needs training to make the entrees into BANNER, please contact Yvonne Quintana to schedule training. All other budget questions can be referred to the Budget Office at JPAlarid@NMHU.edu Each Department Budget should be entered into Banner by department personnel by February 19th, 2016.


FY17 estimated revenues will be entered into BANNER by the Budget Office.

Salaries and Benefits

FTE-based salary accounts will be updated by the Budget Office and will reflect current salaries for all filled positions. The departmental reports provided to the departments will have the position numbers assigned to your departments. Please review these position numbers and if there is a discrepancy, please notify the Budget Office.

Fringe benefits will be determined and entered by the Budget Office.

Unused and vacant positions that were not filled in FY15 will not be not be carried over into FY17 as active positions.

Requests to reactivate inactive or frozen positions and for new positions must be justified and requested in writing.

General Administration, travel, Equipment and Hourly (non-classroom employees)

The above categories shall be determined by each department and entered into BANNER at the Department or Vice President level. You can distribute the funds as you wish, but unless written approval is granted, you may not exceed the current year budget for this category of accounts.

Please enter all amounts in whole dollars.

Equipment, Building Repairs and Improvements

The State Higher Education Funding formula provides funds for equipment and building repair and renewal. The Budget Office encourages your input for the best use of these funds. Please provide a written request and justification if you would like to request new equipment or building repairs and enhancements. Eligible Building Replacement and Renewal projects are those that replace or repair equipment costing an amount equal or greater than $1,000 only. Non-eligible items include movable equipment, furniture, items for auxiliary space or new space.

Equipment less than $1,000 are not eligible for these funds, however if your department requires equipment less than $1,000, please request and justify them at this time. Examples might be cell phones, printers.

If you have questions please contact Patrick Alarid at the Budget Office at JPAlarid@NMHU.edu and at extension 3039.