November 18, 2020

photo of Reynaldo Maestas

Reynaldo Maestas

Las Vegas, N.M. – The Center for Professional Development and Career Readiness at Highlands is expanding its services to students and alumni of the university to better prepare them to succeed in the job market.

“We are expanding our services to instill more comprehensive skills for students to be successful on many measures such as internships, co-curricular activities and much more,” said Reynaldo Maestas, the director of the Center for Professional Development and Career Readiness. “We want students to take full advantage of the programs and resources we have in place so they can be the best candidates for internships and employment.”

Maestas said Highlands was fortunate to receive an additional $160,000 in funding from the New Mexico State Legislature in 2020 to expand services, including adding a new software program and increasing staff.

“We are very excited to implement our new co-curricular transcript program that will complement the student’s academic transcript to showcase the full student experience while in college. This software tracks student involvement on campus and gives a holistic view of student success to employers,” Maestas said.

Maestas said students can also use co-curricular transcript to track their own engagement and progress through guided pathways to explore interests, find their passion, and have a unique college experience.

“A co-curricular transcript is also a valuable tool when applying for graduate school, provides speaking points for job interviews, and showcases the student’s leadership experience,” Maestas said.

Maestas said new staff at the center make it possible to be more accessible to student’s needs and provide more individual support.

“Robert Marek is our new student employment coordinator and oversees our Optimal Resume and Handshake programs. Jaycie Loud is our new student development coordinator and oversees co-curricular transcripts as well as clubs and organizations. Lyla Maestas is our senior administrative assistant, overseeing day-to-day office operations as well as our career assessments and university job board,” Maestas said.

The Center for Professional Development and Career Readiness will continue to offer annual career fairs, a way for Highlands students and alumni to connect with diverse employers. This event was offered in a virtual format Oct. 14.

Due to COVID-19, the Center for Professional Development and Career Readiness is currently closed to walk-in traffic.

“But we’re here for you in a virtual setting,” Maestas said. “Reach out to us through email at or visit us online at”