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NMHU School of Social Work Continuing Education Program has converted our CEU Workshops entirely over to Zoom.

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Facundo Valdez School of Social Work
Continuing Education Program

The School of Social Work Continuing Education Program is committed to providing accessible and affordable ongoing learning opportunities for practicing social workers. Workshops focus on a variety of topics that help enhance the skills and knowledge for effective practice with the populations of New Mexico. Continuing education workshops are offered from January through July.

In keeping with the school’s mission, several workshops focus on working with Hispanic and Native American populations of New Mexico and the Southwest. These workshops meet the required continuing education licensure renewal requirements as set forth by the New Mexico Board of Social Work Examiners (BSWE).

Registration, Payment, and Cancellation

Everyone must register and pay online. The last day to register for a workshop is three days prior to its start date. Most of our workshops are capped at 30 attendees unless otherwise specified. Please fill out the appropriate online registration form below. A confirmation email will be sent verifying registration. Participants must log in on time and stay for the duration of the Zoom workshop in order to get full CEU credit.

Payment is due online at the time of registration. Anyone who does not need CEUs can register as a non-credit participant for a reduced payment amount. NMHU FVSSW faculty and staff can register and receive CEUs at no cost.

If you must cancel your attendance, please inform the Continuing Education Program immediately by email at This will allow someone else to attend if the workshop is filled.

No refunds are given unless the University cancels the workshop. If a workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, participants will be notified via email at least three days before the workshop takes place.


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Please reach out by email with any questions, concerns, or issues that come up on the day of the workshop.

CEUs for Mental Health Providers
Continuing Education Schedule 2023

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January 2023

Workshop #235 
Date: 1/14 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Ethics | Cost: $40
Title: Ethical Considerations in Crisis Response by Social Workers in Partnership With First Responders for Those With Substance Use Disorders
Presenter: Kathryn Dziekan, Ph.D. & John Hill, BA
Location: Zoom

Description: Covid and its fallout had a severe impact on a host of vulnerable populations, in particular, individuals with substance abuse disorders who often have greater medical needs and risks. On the other hand, while treatment opportunities decreased and community involvement dissolved for this population, alcohol sales and consumption were allowed to increase. This workshop will share the perspectives of both a current mental health professional and a first responder as it addresses the ethical considerations that social workers and other mental health professionals have and will encounter, such as termination of services and lack of commitment to this population.

Workshop #236
Date: 1/21 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Group Modalities for Recovery From Addiction: Theory and Practice
Presenter: Barney Straus, LCSW, CGP
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will explain the principles and theory regarding group psychotherapy and mutual support groups such as 12-Step Fellowships and SMART Recovery. Each type of group will be described and supported by evidence-based research. A demonstration of each type of group will be offered. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in the demonstration groups. A discussion about how each type of group can support recovering individuals will conclude the workshop.

Workshop #237
Date: 1/27 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders
Presenter: Jenna Norton, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: This course will provide an overview of the rationale, evidence, and strategies for implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in the treatment of substance use disorders. Participants will review the basics of substance use including the diagnosis and evaluation of substance use disorders, including major trends in both policy and use patterns in New Mexico. Next, clinicians will learn to implement CBT including the identification of cognitive distortions, challenging perceptions, and assisting clients in developing healthy sober supports, coping skills, and relapse prevention skills. At the conclusion of this course, clinicians will be able to apply the cognitive model in a variety of case presentations in an evidence-based and effective manner.

Workshop #238
Date: 1/28 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Clinical Considerations When Working With Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence
Presenter: Rachel Rogers, MA, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: There are many false myths circulated throughout society related to domestic and sexual violence—many of which significantly increase feelings of shame and self-blame for survivors. This training will provide important information to debunk these myths and help you both gain awareness of how shame is showing up in the clinical setting and find compassionate ways to respond to your clients in these moments. You will gain understanding of what trauma-informed care looks like when working with survivors of DV and sexual violence.


February 2023

Workshop #239
Date: 2/3 & 2/4 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 7.0 Ethics | Cost: $80
Title: Ethical Considerations of Telehealth and the Impact of Covid
Presenter: Kathryn Dziekan, Ph.D. & Samantha Uehlin Skirko, MS
Location: Zoom

Description: Covid has pushed telehealth and its various platforms into the forefront as a safe way to deliver mental health services. On the other hand, telehealth’s platforms also come with ethical challenges on how social workers and other mental health professionals should implement services. Telemedicine and e-Health’s 2020 journal article reveals a host of ethical challenges to consider when providing telehealth psychotherapy such as client privacy, technology accessibility, and confidentiality. This workshop will share the perspectives of a seasoned clinician and a mental health clinician who exclusively provides daily telehealth services to their clientele regarding telehealth, ethical considerations, and Covid.

Workshop #240
Date: 2/10 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Opioids 101
Presenter: Megan Aragón, LCSW, MPA, MAC
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will better help clinicians understand opioids, the various types of opioids, and how they are used by individuals. It will also explain the different types of treatment options from medication assisted treatment to talk therapy. The workshop will explore the impact of opioids in New Mexico.

Workshop #241
Date: 2/17 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Integrated Motivational Interviewing and Somatic Literacy: Build a Shared Understanding of Ambivalent Affect
Presenter: Jennifer Stanley, DSW, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: Empathy and radical acceptance are explored as relational components of Motivational Interviewing (MI). Informing your MI practice with somatic literacy can deepen your understanding of a client’s ambivalence. It’s natural for a person to have different parts of themself feel more than one way about relationships, options, lived experiences, and substance use. In this workshop, we will focus on mindful self-awareness when reflecting on emotions and experiences felt on the inside of the body.

Workshop #242
Date: 2/18 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Human Animal Interactions: Implications for Social Work
Presenter: Emerson Grey, MSW
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will look at the relevance of Human Animal Interaction (HAI) as it relates to social work. A brief history will be presented on Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) as well as the Human Animal Bond (HAB). The focus will be on understanding biological, psychological, and social benefits of human animal interactions within a strengths and family systems perspective. This workshop will also examine The Link between violence towards humans and violence towards animals, companion animal loss, and animal companionship and human diversity.

Workshop #243
Date: 2/24 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Intro to Clinical Supervision
Presenter: Kenneth Dodson, LADAC, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: Clinical supervision may be the single most important aspect of the helping professions. It aims to assist in professional development and in turn maximize client welfare and enhance client outcomes. Participants in this workshop will gain practical skills and knowledge to become better leaders and to perform competent clinical supervision for professionals in training. Participants will gain knowledge about clinical supervision, however, please note that this workshop is not intended to count towards the required coursework to become a licensed clinical supervisor in New Mexico.

Workshop #244
Date: 2/25 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Ethics | Cost: $40
Title: Special Education and Social Work: Overview of Ethics, Special Considerations, Practice and Interventions
Presenter: Kim Knox, Ph.D., LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: Social workers often practice in schools, and in New Mexico, are hired specifically to support the special education population. This workshop will explore current and relevant legislation, ethical considerations, and special considerations for social workers in schools. This workshop will also examine practice with special populations, interventions, and functional behavior assessments to support students in the current school environment.


March 2023

Workshop #246
Date: 3/4 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Ethics | Cost: $40
Title: Ethical Considerations Related to Emergency Service Providers and the Impact of Covid: Crisis Intervention for Individuals Experiencing an Acute Mental Health Crisis Receiving Services From Emergency Rooms and Other Urgent Care Settings
Presenter: Kathryn Dziekan, Ph.D. & Colleen Nusbaum, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: Covid impacts the delivery of emergency services (Medical Social Workers and Mental Health Therapists) and how they serve their clientele who are subject to have suicidal and homicidal tendencies and/or could be gravely mentally impaired. Covid and other medical conditions impact emergency service providers ethically, such as helping clients who have struggles with their lack of decision-making capacity and who need help with their self-determination. This workshop will share the perspectives of two seasoned licensed emergency service providers who provide hospital emergency services to clientele who have severe mental health concerns.

Workshop #247
Date: 3/11 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Native Women’s Issues
Presenter: Melissa Riley, Ph.D., Director, NMHU School of Social Work—Native American Social Work Studies Institute
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will review Native women’s issues, both on and off the reservation. Contemporary issues faced by Native women are associated with the gendered history of colonization resulting in monumental effects that require advanced knowledge in addressing social work needs.

This is one of a series of CE workshops sponsored by NMHU School of Social Work’s Native American Social Work Studies Institute.

Workshop #248
Date: 3/17 & 3/18 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 7.0 | Cost: $80
Title: Starting a Private Mental Health Counseling Practice
Presenter: Stephen Ratcliff, MA, LPCC
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will focus on practical tips and important information needed for launching out on your own as a clinician and “hanging up your shingle.” This seminar will alternate between discussion of relevant ethical and practical issues in setting up your own practice and lecture-based presentation of important relevant information including marketing tips, basic business tips, tips regarding dealing with managed care insurance companies, and paperwork tips.

Workshop #249
Date: 3/24 & 3/25 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 7.0 Ethics | Cost: $80
Title: Ethics in Social Work Across the Landscape
Presenter: Kim Knox, Ph.D., LCSW; Veronica Sanchez, DSW, LCSW; & Eli Fresquez, Ph.D., LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: This CEU presentation will focus on social work ethics in various landscapes of practice. The workshop includes the historical context of social work ethics, a general overview of ethics, ethical decision-making models and tools, and a close look at the most common ethical violations that social workers are involved with. Additionally, ethics discussions in specific spaces will include administration and leadership, supervision, licensing and exams, and interprofessional spaces.

Workshop #250
Date: 3/31 & 4/1 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 7.0 | Cost: $80
Title: Trauma and Grief Resulting From the Covid-19 Pandemic: Compassion as a Path to Recovery
Presenter: Carol Henry, LPCC
Location: Zoom

Description: As providers, we are frequently faced with helping our clients deal with the pain of loss, and the emotional turmoil of this “Covid Era” at a deeper level than we have previously experienced. The purpose of the workshop is to assist providers and students refine skills to offer our clients to heal the trauma, emotional turmoil and grief imposed by this era.


April 2023

Workshop #251
Date: 4/14 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Improving the Patient Service Experience through a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Lens
Presenter: Baindu Akinrotiba, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor at Western New Mexico University, Social Work School of Social Work
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will include a brief overview of racial disparities in health, mental health, education, and social and economic development in the United States. Service practice that alleviates interpersonal and institutional racism in the helping process will be discussed. Practical steps and techniques practitioners can implement to engage in anti-oppressive social service practice will be explained.

Workshop #252
Date: 4/15 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Creating a Life Worth Living: DBT Skills for Everyone!
Presenter: John M. Tourangeau, LADAC, LCSW, Ph.D.
Location: Zoom

 Description: The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skill sets for emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindful living continue to enhance the original DBT clinical protocol developed for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and persons with high suicidal risk. Hundreds of evidenced-based DBT studies have been conducted with extremely favorable treatment outcomes for both clinical and non-clinical populations. Efficacy of the DBT skill sets includes but is not limited to work with family systems, partners, school settings, corporate teams, and professionals in hospital and mental health settings. DBT and the daily use of the DBT skill sets is a powerfully engaging, affirming, encouraging, dynamic, and evidence-based path to create a life worth living! Please be aware that this workshop is not part of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification process.

Workshop #253
Date: 4/21 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Socialization and Sexuality for Adults With Intellectual Disabilities and Neurodiversities
Presenter: Louise la Plante, LISW-S, BFA
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will cover the issues of socialization and sexuality for neurodivergent adults with intellectual disabilities. This is a population that has often been denied the same sexual rights that most adults in society are afforded. Obstacles to intimacy for individuals in this vulnerable population will be reviewed with a brief overview of historical treatment and barriers around sexuality. Recommended approaches to address these barriers and engage a paradigm shift in how society views people with disabilities from childlike to adults with adult rights will be proposed. The presenter has been working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for 40 years and stories from her career will be shared.

Workshop #254
Date: 4/22 (Saturday)
Time:  9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Helping From Hello: Social Workers and Language Awareness
Presenter: Leasa Medina, LCSW, CCTP
Location: Zoom

Description: Every time we engage with a client, we usually start out by asking, “How are you?” This is a loaded question. Society has this unspoken expectation for people to respond with, “fine” or “good.” This could be a barrier for a client who is in crisis or someone who truthfully does not possess communication skills to express how they really are doing. The goal of this training would be to create awareness of our language and how we as social workers impact the experience of those we are helping from the very moment we say hello.

Workshop #255
Date: 4/28 (Friday)
Time: 9-10:30 | CEUs 1.5 | Cost: $20
Title: Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Presenter: Theresa Olguin, LCSW, Awake & Aware
Location: Zoom

Description: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapy that is highly successful for folks experiencing emotion dysregulation. Originally developed for folks with borderline personality disorder, DBT has since been shown to be effective with an array of populations and concerns. This 90-minute workshop will explore the two main theories/philosophies that underlie DBT, the biosocial theory and dialectics. The workshop will examine the impact of environmental invalidation and the need to extend both acceptance and change strategies with our clients. Participants will learn what DBT is and the modes of treatment that make DBT distinctive.

Please note: this workshop differs from the usual four-hour format. It is offered in a condensed format, lasting only 90 minutes, for 1.5 CEUs.

Workshop #256
Date: 4/29 (Saturday)
Time:  9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title:  Unfiltered Therapist: Helping Clients Take Control of Their Healing
Presenter: Leasa Medina, LCSW, CCTP
Location: Zoom

Description: An unfiltered therapist is completely open about therapeutic processing with their clients and allows them to pick their own path. For a therapist, this openness can increase a client’s trust and acceptance of interventions. For a client, having an unfiltered therapist supports their ability to take control of their therapy, treatment, and healing. This ownership of a client’s healing can build and strengthen their self-worth. Regaining a sense of control can be significant, especially for clients who have experienced a loss of control due to a traumatic experience.


May 2023

Workshop #257
Date: 5/5 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Transgender Cultural Fluency
Presenter: Adrien Lawyer, Director of Education TGRCNM
Location: Zoom

Description: Transgender people today are more visible and represented throughout our communities than ever. As such, organizations and individuals are finding the need to increase their knowledge and understanding of issues that affect their transgender colleagues, employees, friends, and family members. Despite gains in visibility and acceptance, transgender people continue to face enormous challenges in everyday life—from poverty, unemployment, lack of access to health care and secure housing, to horrific violence and discrimination. This Transgender Cultural Fluency training lays the foundation for participants to gain a better understanding of what it means to be transgender, clarify common misconceptions about transgender people, become familiar with the challenges transgender communities face, and learn ways to be a strong and engaged advocate for transgender people.

Workshop #258
Date: 5/6 (Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Bringing Mindfulness to Social Work Practice: Effective Tools to Deepen Your Work
Presenter: Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW, UCLA Trained Mindfulness Facilitator
Location: Zoom

Description: Are you curious how you can incorporate mindfulness into your therapy sessions? It has been shown that psychological flexibility is one of the most important skills to help people effectively deal with life’s challenges. “Awareness and openness” are two pillars of psychological flexibility that can be learned and strengthened by mindfulness practices. You will learn and practice multiple mindfulness and somatic skills in this workshop that you can immediately use with clients.

Workshop #259
Date: 5/19 (Friday)
Time:  9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Doing the Ethnography of Tribal Social Work
Presenter: Melissa Riley, Ph.D., Director, NMHU School of Social Work—Native American Social Work Studies Institute
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will provide participants an overview of ethnography and its value in tribal social work. Social workers are encouraged to continue their roles as constant ‘researchers’ and ‘inquisitors’ of their profession, especially in tribal social work. The information provided in this workshop will also have a brief analysis of ‘hidden’ social work practices that affect client outcomes.

This is one of a series of CE workshops sponsored by NMHU School of Social Work’s Native American Social Work Studies Institute.


June 2023

Workshop #261
Date: 6/2 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Mindfulness and How It Helps the Whole Self in Mental Health Treatment
Presenter: Kathryn Fehr, LCSW, CTRS, CCE Approved Clinical Supervisor, Reiki Master
Location: Zoom

Description: Often, we think that a mindfulness practice will take too much time. We will learn what mindfulness really is and how it helps the whole person. We will explore the benefits, as well as common misconceptions about mindfulness. We will talk about how having our own mindfulness practice benefits our work and clientele. We will look at how you can begin to incorporate this into your own self-care practice. We will look at what research says about the benefits across culture, socioeconomic status, and identity. This workshop will be experiential and interactive.

Workshop #263
Date: 6/9 (Friday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 | Cost: $40
Title: Neuroscience for Social Work: An Introduction to the Brain in Practice
Presenter: Jenna Norton, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: The search for emerging and human-centered interventions has introduced the concepts of neuroscience to the field of social work. As biopsychosocial clinicians, social workers are at the forefront of this movement, and practical information is necessary to develop and cultivate new holistic approaches. This course aims to facilitate an understanding of the impact of significant stress, traumatic events, and mind-altering substances on the brain. This course will provide an overview of the basic biology, research, and evidence-based practice in the understanding of neuroscience in social work. Participants will be introduced to three key areas of clinical social work neuroscience (stress, trauma, and substances) and learn the fundamentals of brain-based interventions. At the conclusion of this course, clinicians will be able to apply relevant principles and skills in a variety of clinical case presentations in an evidence-based and effective manner.

Workshop #267
Date: 6/23 & 6/24 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9-1:00 | CEUs 7.0 Cultural | Cost: $80
Title:  Spiritual Competence: Engaging the Religious/Spiritual Identities of Clients
Presenter: Rev. Leslie Reambeault, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: Mental health professionals know that engaging the elements of clients’ identities with awareness, competence, and respect is essential to successful outcomes. This holds true whether the work is around trauma, addiction, family dynamics, or existential angst. Often, from the gap that initially defined the field of psychology and material world science from that of religion and belief, professional training has made it clear that mental health professionals ought to stay clear of things dealing with religion. Enter spirituality, and the advent of interspirituality, which can be a path for reintegrating this essential element of wholeness into clinical and institutional settings.


July 2023

Workshop #270
Date: 7/7 (Friday)
Time:  9-1:00 | CEUs 3.5 Cultural | Cost: $40
Title: Cultural Considerations in Working With Native American Elders
Presenter: Caroline Dailey, MSW, LCSW
Location: Zoom

Description: This workshop will review cultural considerations while working with Native American elders. Elders are considered sacred, yet they are a vulnerable population in tribal communities and beyond. The workshop will address the types of elder issues, culturally appropriate responses, as well as multidisciplinary approaches to increase health and safety.

This is one of a series of CE workshops sponsored by NMHU School of Social Work’s Native American Social Work Studies Institute. 


Please note: for the most up-to-date workshop information contact Further workshops may be made available and added as registration options.