Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

Environmental Health and Safety (Fire Safety) will remain available to respond to emergency and/or fire detection/system issues to provide support to university operations.

The following actions/decisions are in place during the extent of the COVID-19 incident.

  • EHS personnel should wear protective gloves on all calls.
  • Contractors will not continue with operations, unless there is an emergency repair. Distancing rules should be followed by the contractors.
  • Any safety audits or building inspections performed by outside entities will not be allowed.
  • All planned training will be postponed or cancelled until further notice. On-the-spot safety training will continue as needed.
  • Smoke detectors:
    • Occupied rooms- EHS will follow the NMHU Police procedures for screening for COVID-19.
    • Unoccupied rooms- normal operations to include gloves.

EHS Contact Information
Phone: 505-426-2059

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.