Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --

Field Education Forms School of Social Work BSW

Field Practicum Application, Forms, Field Education Policy & Procedure Manual and Field Consultant Contact Form

Field Practicum Calendar 2022-2023

Field Practicum Calendar 2021-2022

Student Field Practicum Application

Field Practicum in Place of Employment Application

Extension of Practicum in Same Agency Application

Incomplete Grade Request Form

Field Practicum Policy & Procedure Manual

Field Consultant Contact Form

Interview Form

Field Agency Documents (all documents must be completed by agencies applying to become a practicum site)

Agency Field Practicum Application

Agency Instructor Application

Memorandum of Agreement (Agency/NMHU-SSW)


B.S.W. (Concurrent Practicum) Learning Contracts & Evaluations

SOWK 4320 First Semester Learning Contract

SOWK 4320 and 4340-use same form for both semesters:Concurrent-Mid-Term Evaluation

SOWK 4340 Second Semester Learning Contract

SOWK 4320 Concurrent Practicum First Semester Final Evaluation

SOWK 4340 Concurrent Practicum Second Semester Final Evaluation

B.S.W. (Block Practicum) Learning Contract & Evaluation

SOWK 4320 & 4340 Learning Contract

SOWK 4320 & 4340 Mid-Term/Final Evaluation

B.S.W. Field Practicum Hours Recording Forms & Activity Logs

Fall Hours Recording Form

Spring Hours Recording Form

Summer Hours Recording Form

SOWK 4510 (Concurrent practicum) First Semester of Practicum – Activity Log

SOWK 4520 (Concurrent practicum) Second Semester of Practicum – Activity Log

SOWK 4510 (Block Practicum) Block Semester of Practicum – Activity Log

CYFD Stipend Application and Reference Form

CYFD Title IV Stipend Application

CYFD Title IV Stipend Reference Form