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Budget Planning Process Archives 2018-2019


Global sent on 8/15/17

Good Morning,

It’s that wonderful time of year again regarding preparation of your budgets requests for FY19.  Please be sure to review all the attachments and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office or attend the listening sessions.

Attached are the following:

  1. Budget Process Timelines
  2. President Minner’s  2019 Priorities
  3. Strategic Planning Group FY19 Priorities Provided by Provost Gonzales
  4. Budget Template

Please use the attached Budget Template when submitting your budgets for 2019.  The Budgets are due to the respective deans and vice presidents on 10/6/17.  Final Budgets are due in the VPFA’s Office onOctober 13, 2017.

NOTE:  Please refrain from creating your own budget template because this creates additional work on the administration’s part.

When submitting your budget in Excel (no PDFs) to the dean or vice president, use the following file naming convention:


Budget Planning Process Archives 2017-2018

  • Global sent on-9/20/16

Dear Campus Community:

We have just received feedback on the new budget process and are starting the implementation process. This new process will begin in the latter part of the spring and will involve setting goals and priorities for the upcoming year, which must tie to the Strategic Plan and (or) goals set by the Board of Regents.  This email will provide the basic timelines and other critical information so all departments can submit their budget request(s) tied to the Strategic Plan. Many have asked, “Why submit budget requests when there is no new funding?”  The implementation of the Strategic Plan requires that the administration receive this level of feedback and input from every department regardless of funding levels.

The first budget presentation was given a few weeks ago, and another listening session will be held in the next few weeks.

Attached are the following documents for all departments to use when preparing their strategic plans and budgets:

Current state of finance

Enrollment data

President’s Minner’s FY2016 priorities

President’s Minner’s FY2017 priorities

New Budget Request form

Budget Template-Excel file

Budget Timeline Date
 Fiscal Update  9/6/2016
 Send Out Budget Information  9/20/2016
 Unit Plans Due – Sent out earlier  9/23/2016
Listening Sessions in the Morning and Afternoon  9/27/2016
 Feedback on Unit Plans to Departments  10/7/2016
 FY 18 Budget Request Due  10/18/2016
 Budget Prioritization  11/21-23/2016
Fall Budget Presentation  11/28/2016
 Final Budget Due  12/5/2016

Campus Community,

The  information is to be included with the global email sent previously regarding FY18 Budget and Implementation Process.
FY 18 budget Information – Emerging Issues


Budget Planning Process Archives 2016-2017