Free and alternative Internet services

Need help affording Internet right now? The companies below are providing temporary free access to students.

Plateau is helping out students who don’t have or can’t afford Internet. The account will be set up under the school’s name. It is free for two months. After that, students can choose to open an account in their own name. You have to be in the Plateau coverage area (check the map for the blue area):

Comcast is offering two free months of Internet access and $9.95/month after that. There are income restrictions. Comcast is also offering access to their open Wi-Fi network to non-Comcast customers. Follow this link:

More assistance
Here are some Internet and cellular providers offering free Wi-Fi hot spot access, special short-term Wi-Fi access rates, or other assistance, such as removing caps on cell phone data plans:–Cellular-Providers.pdf

Alternative to standard Internet
HughesNet is providing alternative satellite Internet for those areas that do not have traditional fiber network service. Details are here: