Graduates Give Highlands High Marks in Survey

June 15, 2019

photo of Dr. Sam Minner

Dr. Sam Minner

Las Vegas, N.M. – New Mexico Highlands University graduates gave the university high marks for quality of instruction and satisfaction with their college experience, meeting and exceeding 95% satisfaction on these and other measures.

The Highlands Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research administered the survey online in spring 2020 to students that graduated in December 2019, May 2020, and those anticipated to graduate in summer 2020.

“At the end of the day, the thing that matters most at any university, including Highlands, is the student experience,” said Sam Minner, Highlands University president. “Are students learning? Are they challenged? Do they believe their education is a good value? Are they treated well? These survey results affirm that the answers to those questions are a resounding yes.”

Overall, Highlands University graduates reported a 91% satisfaction rate with the value of their education relative to cost. Some other highlights from the survey include:

-97% were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of instruction in their major.

-95% were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of instruction outside their major.

-94%were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of intellectual challenge in their program.

-90% were very satisfied or satisfied with contact with faculty outside of class.

-92% were very satisfied or satisfied with their preparation for work and graduate school.

-90% were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of academic advisement.

Both undergraduate and graduate students were included in the sample of 214 completed surveys, which was lower than usual due to COVID-19. Respondents included 40% undergraduate students and 60% graduate students. Seventy-seven% of the respondents were female and 23% were male. The sample included students from the university’s main campus as well as each of its statewide centers.

“The outcomes of our most recent student satisfaction survey are truly gratifying, and I thank my faculty and staff colleagues for their efforts on behalf of our students,” Minner said. “We work hard at Highlands to be focused on our students and these results prove that we’re doing a good job with that. Like any complex organization, we sometimes fall short, but when we do, we try to improve even if our overall outcomes are good.”