Highlands hires new comptroller

 Nesbitt Hagood

Nesbitt Hagood joined New Mexico Highlands June 2 as the university’s new comptroller.

Hagood brings 40 years of experience in public accounting to the university.

“Nesbitt is a leader who brings an incredible amount of accounting and financial management knowledge and experience to the university,” said Bill Taylor, vice president of finance for Highlands University. “I am particularly impressed by his interest in sharing his knowledge and willingness to mentor all those involved with the University’s financial management.  I am happy to have him join the Highlands team.”

In addition to working with agencies across New Mexico, including the Department of Finance and Administration, the New Mexico General Fund, the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and the New Mexico Economic Development Department, Hagood assisted in drafting the new edition of the AICPA Audit and Accounting of State and Local Governments.

“We wrote the book, and I understand the book very well,” Hagood said. “Right off the bat, we’re saving the university some money, and we will make some for the university.”

Hagood, who was senior partner of Nesbitt Hagood & Company CPAs, said he is looking forward to working in an academic environment.

“It presented the best opportunities,” Hagood said. “I like a progressive approach, and we have a lot of good resources to draw on.”

Hagood said he plans on conducting workshops and seminars for students at the university.

“I have a long history of giving workshops and seminars to other CPAs,” Hagood said. “I enjoy doing that.”