HU Kicks Off Third Year of Power of Service Program

Image of Cutline: Highlands University students participating in a production for the 2019 Power of Service kickoff in Ilfeld Auditorium.

Highlands University students participate in a production for the 2019 Power of Service kickoff Sept. 26 in Ilfeld Auditorium.
 Rick Loffredo/University Relations

September 26, 2017

 Las Vegas, New Mexico – On Sept. 26, New Mexico Highlands University kicked off its third year of Power of Service, a program that works to provide exceptional customer service to students.

“Service leadership puts customer service representatives as the top priority,” said Highlands University President Sam Minner. “How we treat each other is manifested in how we treat our students. We want to continue to improve customer service to help our students achieve their goals.”

Human Resources Director Denise Montoya said good customer service is critical to an organization’s success. Montoya leads the Power of Service program.

“It’s essential that our students feel part of our Highlands family,” Montoya said. “We can do this through excellent customer service.”

The highlight of the Power of Service kickoff for 2019 was a production titled “Hospitality: The Heart of Highlands.” Anne Bradford, a senior administrative assistant in Housing and Student Conduct, and Linda Anderle, administrative assistant in University Relations and a community liaison, co-wrote and directed the production.

The cast for the production included actors Roxanne Gonzales, provost and vice president for the Office of Academic Affairs; Alicia DeHerrera, senior administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs; Adam Bustos, purchasing director; and a team of Highlands University students.

The Highlands University national rugby champions Vatos Club also took center stage as part of the production.

Bradford said there are four components to good customer service: “Be there and be aware; choose your attitude; make someone’s day; and play and have fun.”

The Power of Service Stars Committee includes Highlands University staff Inca Crespin, Alyssa Valencia, Anne Bradford, Linda Anderle, Denise Montoya, Adele Ludi, Steven Gonzales, April Kent, Mary Cole, Patricia Lopez, Josephine Sena, Jane Clark, Marka Trujillo and Michele Bencomo.

Power of Service programming includes training courses offered throughout the year designed to build upon customer service.