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Information for Undocumented Students and Applicants at NMHU

In 2005 the state of New Mexico passed and signed into law Senate Bill 582.  SB 582 states that “A public post-secondary educational institution shall not deny admission to a student on account of the student’s immigration status.” Therefore, it makes all qualified residents of New Mexico eligible for in-state tuition and state-funded financial aid, regardless of immigration status if they meet the below criteria:

SB 582: In-State Tuition Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Attended New Mexico middle or high school for at least one year
  • Graduated from a high school or received their GED in the state of New Mexico

State funded financial aid is granted to all residents of New Mexico on the same terms and regardless of immigration status, provided they meet the criteria listed above.

Pursuant to SB 582, New Mexico Highlands University considers applicants for undergraduate and graduate programs, regardless of citizenship, based upon academic merit and achievement.

Undergraduate Students: For undergraduate students (includes transfer students) NMHU offers tuition scholarships as long as they meet the below scholarship criteria as well as the above SB 582 criteria:



  • College Incentive Grant
  • Freshman Success Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Presidential Silver Scholarship
  • Presidential Gold Scholarship
  • New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship


  • Dean’s Transfer Scholarship
  • Presidential Transfer Scholarship
  • New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship



  • New Mexico Success Scholarship
  • New Mexico Opportunity Grant


  • New Mexico Success Transfer Scholarship

Graduate students: NMHU graduate programs admit and enroll undocumented students and may use private funds, when available, to provide financial aid to support their studies in a manner consistent with applicable laws. Graduate scholarships available (for both in-state and out of state students) at NMHU are:

  • Presidential Graduate Scholarship

For further information on NMHU scholarships Visit: for more information.

To apply for some forms of financial aid administered consistent with state and federal regulations, undocumented undergraduate and graduate students may complete a paper form of the FAFSA and submit it directly to the Financial Aid Office (

Additional types of support for undocumented undergraduates and graduates are listed below:

  • Foundation Scholarships – All students, regardless of citizenship or residency status, can apply to all the Foundation Scholarships.

Note: each foundation scholarship has its own eligibility requirements.


  • Work-study – DACA/Dreamer students are eligible for Institutional Student Employment positions. However, they are not eligible for Federal/State Work study positions.